Bike Bonanza, Make money with your bike, Motorcycles for sale!!!

Released on: October 17, 2008, 3:24 am

Press Release Author: Mehul Brahmbhatt

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Don't let your old unused bike sleep no more in your dirty
garage. The rise in passion for different types of bikes among the youngsters led a
great deal of motorcycle selling. AK Bikes makes this motorcycle transaction easier
by bringing the buyers and sellers all over the world under one roof.

Press Release Body: October 2008 - AK Bikes is an American based online portal which
offers bike transaction to the users. Any used motorcycle which is about to be sold
can be advertised here and interested customers can offer their request. AK Bikes handles all leading brand of motorcycles
such as Hardley Davidson, Suzuki etc. Also there are different varieties of bikes
for sale which are available in the company URL .One can search in for any
kind of bike in this website.

Motorcycles are almost a passion for all people.
AK Bikes offers loads of motorbikes for sale under different categories. They are
mountain bike, performance bike, electric bike, road bike, mini bike, cruiser bike,
street bikes and lot more. For people who can't afford for the bikes they wish, AK
Bikes offers the used bikes at a lower and reasonable price. Any bike can be
advertised in their website, so that many viewers could know about one motorcycle.
This site serves as a huge platform regarding the bike for sale and also the motorcycles.

People who wish to sell their used motorcycle can post their bike's photograph and
its year of manufacture. They can also quote their selling price along with any
other specifications of their motorcycle to make their advertisement more
attractive. Advertising ones motorcycle in the site is .absolutely free for

In AK, adverting doesn't end with motorcycles, one can also advertise
about the motorcycle accessories, insurance and loans offered. No pricing advice is
given for the customers. There is also a motorcycle technical blog available for the
users to guide about the external and technical features of bikes and motorcycles.
AK Bikes blog provides more information about each and every variety of bikes available. So one can make up their
mind clear regarding the bike specifications.

Buying a cheaper motorcycle is made easier through AK Bikes. Instead of going to a
wholesale dealer and keep on enquiring him about the bikes, one can just search
through the website to find cheaper bikes. Buying a Used motorcycle is a great idea if one wants to find
cheap motorcycles. The site offers various details regarding the motorcycle for
sale. Purchasing motorcycles through auctions is also made possible in AK
Purchasing Motorcycles at Auctions can definitely help one to get a great deal, but
one need to ensure that these motorcycles carefully before buying and make sure that
they are in good shape.

All the transactions made are highly safe and secure. There are no dodgy tricks

AK Bikes are specialized in supplying members with all of their motorcycles needs,
from A to Z. AK bikes have been advertising used motorcycles, with around 50000 motorcycles for sale, and more than 14,000
motorbikes have been sold, including scooters, cruiser, learner bikes, pocket bikes,
kids bikes, mini bikes, sports bikes, moped and classic bikes with an reasonable

Address: 24 Wllis Ave, New York, 11001,
Phone: +1.5168514668

Web Site:

Contact Details: Address: 24 Wllis Ave, New York, 11001,
Phone: +1.5168514668

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