Boca de Iguanas serves up fresh creations from new up-and-coming chef

Released on: October 16, 2008, 9:14 am

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Industry: Food & Beverage

Press Release Summary: Mexico beach resort's ecological initiatives giving Mother
Nature a helping hand


BOCA DE IGUANAS, Costalegre (Oct. 16, 2008) - Food lovers have a new reason to hit
the tropical beach escape of Boca de Iguanas, small hamlet nestled along the
stunning Costalegre.

Mexico's newest eco-resort, found 40 minutes north of Manzanillo International
Airport (ZLO) along the Pacific Coast, is proud to announce the arrival of chef
Fernanda Medina Garcia from Mexico City. Medina trained at the esteemed Culinary
Institute of Mexico in Puebla, where she cultivated a gastronomic specialty in
contemporary Mexican cuisine with an emphasis in pre-Hispanic ingredients. Medina's
last post was at the much-acclaimed El Patio restaurant inside Mexico City hot spot,
Hotel Condesa D.F.

"We are thrilled and excited about this newest member of the team, who promises to
amaze us with lots of innovative, tasty and satisfying surprises from the kitchen
using the fresh, coastal ingredients and traditional Mexican flavors with her own
creative twist," said General Manager Jaume Romagosa.

Medina is also up for the challenge and change of pace from hectic city to serene
beach. "I love creating dishes from fresh, regional ingredients," she explains.
"Great food doesn't have to be complicated with a lot of sauces and competing
flavors. I really enjoy allowing the simple flavors of ingredients to shine on their

The organic herb gardens at Boca de Iguanas and the abundant locally grown fruit -
including papaya, banana, pineapple, mango and hundreds of onsite coconut palms -
will no doubt provide lots of food for thought and inspiration in Medina's cuisine.

Mother Nature front and center with recent ecological news
In July Boca de Iguanas celebrated auspicious news when Pancha, the enormous
resident crocodile, set up her nursery underneath the bridge over the mangrove and
laid more than 60 eggs. What a vote of confidence by Mother Nature herself in BDI's
ecological initiatives!

Around six baby crocodiles hatched before a male crocodile that was not the sire
damaged the nest and crushed the remaining eggs, explained by biologists as an
effort to limit competition. Pancha arrived and valiantly stood her ground,
protecting her existing newborn offspring! The tiny crocs have since been spotted
flourishing in the safety and security of the development's protected mangrove

In related reptile news, the resort is gearing up for another great sea turtle
program as female turtles once again begin their migration back to the beaches of
their birth to dig their nests and lay their eggs. Last year, more than 1,500 baby
turtles were released from the Boca de Iguanas nursery throughout the nesting season
with the help of hotel guests and local residents from neighboring La Manzanilla.

Lastly, sustainability manager Lorena Vargas has been hard at work with the
municipal government to implement Jalisco's cooperative forest development program,
FIPRODEFO, to help increase and share the abundant wealth of local flora. As proud
participants of this initiative, Boca de Iguanas has exchanged seed bundles of
regional timber-yielding species (ones in danger of extinction) for 50 plants of
Guadua angustifolia, a hearty bamboo that is distributed across Latin America and

"This latest initiative continues to demonstrate our commitment to preserving the
local environment," explains Vargas. "Not only are we providing a safe haven for
turtles, iguanas, crocodiles and other species that rely upon the mangrove wetlands,
as well as donating 1 percent of all revenue to conservation programs, we are also
taking an active role in ensuring biodiversity along Jalisco state's coastal region
through participation in this seed exchange program."

Located 40 minutes north of Manzanillo International Airport (ZLO) along the
Costalegre, the multi-use development of Boca de Iguanas features houses,
condominiums, and a boutique hotel and spa in a fusion of Mexican architecture with
classic colonial hacienda, contemporary modern design, and eclectic "jungle-chic"
rustic areas dedicated to Mother Nature. The vision is a 21st century
vacation/lifestyle experience in a pristine, ecologically-progressive gated
community with alternative clean energy sources, underground utilities, and a
spectacular beach club and infinity pool situated around a rare mangrove ecosystem
that flows throughout the property.

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