Body Detox With Waiora Liquid Zeolite

Released on: October 5, 2008, 3:24 am

Press Release Author: Natural Cellular Defense

Industry: Small Business

Press Release Summary: Have you been looking for a health supplement that will help
your body detox? Then take a look at Waiora Liquid Zeolite and their Natural
Cellular Defense product!

Press Release Body: October 2008 - Zeolite is a mineral that originates from a
volcano that removes harmful metals and toxins in our body. It is shaped from the
synthesis of lava and ocean water that is over thousands of years. It has a
distinctive and intricate crystalline structure that has a resemblance of honeycomb
and acts like an electromagnet catching toxins at the cellular level. This volcanic
mineral is naturally has a negative charged, this is the reason why when it is
absorb into the body all the positively charged heavy metals, toxins and damaging
chemicals bond with the zeolite at the cellular level and are rinse out of the body
naturally. You can find out more at our Waiora page about how this body detox works.

It is very necessary to look for a superior quality Clinoptilolite Zeolite that has
been cleansed out and it is safe to use 100%. The Waiora Natural Cellular Defense is
an all natural supplement that contains activate mineral liquid Zeolite. This is
safe to take for a short and long term use. The residues of this product will be
removed from our body system within 6 to 8 hours. It is deemed that Waiora Zeolite is a gift
from God to cure our strenuous environmental conditions these days. These conditions
prevent us to live a healthier life and live to the fullest. The liquid zeolite has
been discovered to have these following results:

• It helps to balance the bodily PH levels.
• It works to eliminates allergens, heavy metals, and toxins from our body.
• It keeps up a healthy immune system.

But be reminded that this product is not on purpose to diagnose, cure or prevent
disease but can help the body detox. This is not a
drug; it is only a natural supplement. It can also acts as a unique antioxidant
because it works as a means of taking up the excess free radicals. It traps the free
radicals in its complex structure and makes it inactive then removes them from the
system. When you take liquid zeolite there are no side effects are felt except that
you may complain about dehydration just like what is being felt in most detoxifying
supplements because of the amount of toxins being removed. It is strongly suggested
to drink a lot of water while taking this product. The average dosage for everyone
of Waiora Natural
Defense Cellular if you want to detoxify your body is 10 drops of it 3x a day for
the first 10 days.

Waiora Zeolite stays active in our body for 6 hours and need to be replenished.
After you have taken the recommended dosage for 10 days, you can reduce the dosage
into 3-5 drops 3x a day on a continuous basis to sustain the effects of Liquid
Zeolite. Each bottle of Liquid Zeolite contains 300 drops that is consumable for 10
days so it is suggested to buy minimum of three bottles to feel effective results to
help detox the body. And Waiora is the only company that has the rights to market
this kind of Liquid Zeolite. It is still advised to consult your doctor first before
you add any supplements to your regimen especially if you are taking medications. If
you would like to order liquid cellular zeolite you can go to zeolite for discount pricing!

Company Name - Waiora Liquid Zeolite
Street Address - PO Box 44
Phone Number - 765 437 5259
Email -
Web Site -

Web Site:

Contact Details: Company Name - Waiora Liquid Zeolite
Street Address - PO Box 44
Phone Number - 765 437 5259
Email -
Web Site -

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