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Released on: October 8, 2008, 1:28 pm

Press Release Author: Greg Boxin

Industry: Small Business

Press Release Summary: "5 points to summarize this system!" 1 Low startup cost -
Invest in a domain,

Press Release Body: "5 points to summarize this system!"

1 Low startup cost - Invest in a domain, learn where to get free traffic,
leverage on the principles of this system to put money in your pockets.

2 This is not a business where you need to continue updating pages, doing SEO
work. Once your money making page is up (and remember, i will provide you with
the professional designed pages) it can be sucking profits for months or even
years, without you ever touching it again!

3 You don't need to outsource, build complicated stuff, write great content,
nothing of that sort. This is the kind of business you can scale into the
thousand with a few hours per day. A single page, once optimized can handle an
endless flood of clicks. There is no need for emails, no customer support, no
updating. A true "fire and forget system" Even if you're gone for 1 week; the
system will keep generating income for you without the need of supervision.

4 The profit margins are massive. In one of my first campaigns, i made a few
hundred dollars with just $30 investment. You can read the method in the book, (
i even reveal to you the niches I'm targeting) You will be amazed by the
conversions i made.
Many programs claimed to be accessible to complete beginners and no complicated
tool. Often times, they are filled with complicated jargon and things that are
difficult to understand. I made this K.I.S.S ( Keep it Sweet & Short ) without
leaving any crucial details. You won't be scratching your head wondering where
to start, it's crystal clear with the step by step guide.

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