CPR Services Include Reliable Modifications

Released on: October 22, 2008, 2:50 am

Press Release Author: Cell phone repair

Industry: Telecommunications

Press Release Summary: Authorized modifications are among the bevy of services
provided by CPR Services

Press Release Body: Among the convenient services offered to its customers by
CPR-Chicago Cell Phone Repair are modifications such as unlocking. Convenient and
even necessary if you plan to travel overseas and use your phone while there. Our
authorized and convenient unlocking service might be an option if you're just
seeking to extend your range. Unlocking, for instance, might allow you to receive
service to provinces of Canada when initially only the United States was programmed
into its mechanism. It's possible to extend the range of a cell phone to Iceland if
the unit was purchased in Maine, and originally configured with U.S. reception
zones. Many options are possible when a cell phone is modified by a creative and
resourceful expert. Your reason for unlocking might simply be a desire to keep the
phone you've been using while switching to a different service provider.

A key consideration is that modifications should always be performed by an
authorized technician. CPR offers an entire range of services for the unlocking and
modification of cellular phones. These unlocking and related software services are
available on a walk-in basis and can be finished for customers while they wait.
Chicago Cell Phone Repair also offers cosmetic modifications for phones such as
changing the housing and faceplates on phones of any design, model, or make.

Other services offered by CPR include walk-in repairs, mail-in repairs, and the most
envied customer service in the industry. Every service performed by Chicago Cell
Phone Repair is backed by an exclusive CPR warranty.

Whether a cell phone needs a makeover or a customer just wants a change of pace, CPR
is there to service customer needs.

Web Site: http://

Contact Details: 9280 Bay Plaza Blvd Suite 706
Tampa, FL 33619

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