Container Exchanger Founder Madden Drives Reusable Packaging Effort

Released on: October 1, 2008, 9:38 am

Press Release Author: Thomas R. Cutler

Industry: Small Business

Press Release Summary: Container Exchanger Founder Madden Drives Reusable Packaging

Press Release Body: Container Exchanger ( is dedicated to
the sale and resale of reusable packaging and containers. The firm resells folding
bulk containers, metal storage bins, plastic industrial totes, plastic pallets, and
used gaylord boxes nationwide. When a company is finished using a returnable
packaging fleet, Container Exchanger represents the seller and finds a buyer for the
used bulk packaging. Sellers enjoy a high sales price for a better return on
investment. Buyers save significantly in comparison to new packaging prices.

David Madden is Founder and President of Container Exchanger
(, an online marketplace for used returnable packaging
systems, such as collapsible bulk containers, metal shipping containers, plastic
pallets, and hand totes. Founded in 2005, Madden led the company through the
startup phase and into its current status as the definitive one-stop shop for used
containers and crates.

Madden started Container Exchanger after five years of Engineering experience in the
automotive industry, where Madden’s primary responsibilities revolved around waste
reduction. He soon realized that one exceptional source of waste in the automotive
business lied in the returnable packaging systems. After the packaging was used for
a few years, the packaging was still good, but it was no longer needed. The
containers piled up and were often sold for scrap values or less. Madden started
Container Exchanger to fill this gap; find retail buyers for these used packaging
systems, thereby increasing the money that the containers were sold for, and
decreasing packaging acquisition costs for the purchaser.

Madden holds a Bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering from North Carolina State
University, an MBA from Georgia Tech, and he received his Black Belt certificate
from the DaimlerChrysler Quality Institute.

Returnable packaging reduces waste created by every business. The EarthWorks Group
estimates that 30% of landfill waste is created by plastic and paper packaging. The
use of cardboard products and other one-time-use packaging products contribute to
this waste.
Folding bulk containers, industrial totes, and metal storage bins are used over and
over again within a facility or between a supplier and a customer. They can be used
literally thousands of times. These bulk boxes are much cheaper in the long term
when compared to buying cardboard boxes and wood crates every time that product is
shipped. Savings can be observed in the per piece packaging cost. While the upfront
investment in returnable packaging may cost more, savings can be realized quickly
through repeated use (the same bulk containers, metal bins, and totes are used over
and over), labor (no more box assembly), material handling (fewer moves from
stackable containers), quality (fewer rejects due to damaged packaging), and floor
space (plastic and metal containers can stack very high). The per piece packaging
costs for used bulk containers and totes can be as low as 5% of the costs for a
comparable expendable solution, depending on shipping volumes.

Container Exchanger
David Madden, President

Web Site:

Contact Details: Container Exchanger
1831 Woodland Hills Ave
Atlanta, GA 30318

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