Daniel Frank Sedwick Auction, Over $1 Million in Treasure Auction

Released on: October 14, 2008, 7:57 pm

Press Release Author: Sedwick

Industry: Small Business

Press Release Summary: A new online and mail auction is offering very rare treasure
for sale, over $1 Million in Treasure with a great way to access online to see all
the treasures recovered from colonial shipwrecks.

Press Release Body: Winter Park, FL - Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC announces the
release of their new mail-bid Treasure Auction #4 by catalog and internet. The
auction closes November 6. Highlights of this sale include: a California Gold
Rush-era gold ingot from the S.S. Central America (1857) estimated at $125,000+ and
also a gold bar marked with the "En Rada" stamp (Pea-Randa) from the Atocha (1622)
estimated at $40,000+; the "Golden Fleece wreck" (ca. 1550) Special Research
Collection of Mexican Charles-Joanna rarities (including the famous 3 reales of 1536
estimated at $10,000+ and many of the finest specimens of the first issues struck in
the New World), as well as gold "finger" bars and silver "splash" ingots from the
same wreck; a 1626 specimen of a Spanish 50 reales "cincuentn" (at 170 grams, the
largest Spanish coin ever minted, most examples of which are only seen in museums)
estimated at $15,000+; coins and artifacts from the newly discovered "Wild Horse
River Wreck" (ca. 1620) in the River Plate off Uruguay; and Part I of the Treasure
Library of Tom Sebring (author of Treasure Tales-Shipwrecks and Salvage).
"This is by far our largest and most important auction to date," says Dan Sedwick, a
coin expert with over 20 years' experience and a pioneer in the field of authentic
"treasure" collectibles. "We anticipate that the results will exceed the total low
estimate of about $1 million."
Sedwick's assistant Agustn "Augi" Garca adds "the current economy is poised for
investors to put their money into collectibles and hard assets, and buying treasure
coins and bullion and artifacts is a fun way to do just that. We feel the timing of
our auction could not be better."
Also for the first time, Sedwick's auction is accessible also through Sixbid, the
worldwide online bidding platform.
"We still encourage direct contact, however," states Sedwick, who stresses personal
service as one of his company's unique aspects. As a mail-bid sale (i.e., not live),
Sedwick's Treasure Auction #4 offers bidders more flexibility in terms of
"either/or" and "total budget" bids. In Sedwick's words, "we feel everyone should
come away a winner."
Printed catalogs are available by mail or free via Sedwick's website (online)

Web Site: http://www.sedwickcoins.com

Contact Details: For more information:
Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC
P.O. Box 1964
Winter Park, FL 32790
407.975.3327 fax

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