Dogs Taken Care Never Better Then Now!!!

Released on: October 1, 2008, 6:54 am

Press Release Author: Adam Hanson

Industry: Small Business

Press Release Summary: The is an England based store whose main aim is
provide high quality dog toys along with dog accessories which are inimitable. Along
with dog supplies they also have a pet article. One can also find dog trainers and
equipment directories in their website.

Press Release Body: 01 October 2008; This company is very dedicated on
providing dog toys of unique collection and eminence. They concentrate only on dogs
and one can find any range of dog toys in their store. They cater their all over the
globe with finest range of services with related to dogs. Lot of people may wonder
as to why they cater only dog toys but their service is committed and faultless.

They have an extensive collection of accessories which allows their clients to
select from. They display other toys which will kindle the minds of young dogs .It
helps to keep them agile and occupied for hours together. They are extremely durable
and trust worthy. Dogs can touch, smell, feel and hear these pleasures. Due to the
vivid colors of these toys one can trace their
dog anywhere al fresco.

There are plush toys which squeaks which squeezed are a big hit among dogs these
days says the executives of They are made in copious designs of
animals which endow never-ending fun for dogs and their care
takers. It has a material that is similar to the curly pet offering a much softer
feel. Doggyworth Tillie is yet another member of doggyworth family which is also
plush type. It is extremely hard-wearing and is secure for one’s pet with its grunt.
To view all these products clients can visit online shop through

Some of the toys of help clean the dog’s teeth all along with hours of
amusement. This shows the concern that this company has towards one’s pet. They enclose toys which are
in the form of bones that glow during night walks. It combines fun with exercise
which makes the dog as well as owner joyful. They have automatic dispensers of food
for pets when the owner is away called Kong Time. It is useful for those who work
during the day leaving their pets alone.

They exhibit an extensive range of dog training equipment which
relieve in taming their pets. It is ideal for both land and water retrieval
contributing hours of fun and work out. It comes in standard bold colours. They have
teaching equipments to coach their dogs to listen and act to their orders. Head
collars are obtainable for those who are exhausted of taking their pets for walk .It
is used by experts all over the world. Pet corrector, Dog whistle, Recall line are
some of the products of this Company to train one’s pet confidently.

Dog directory service of is very constructive for dog owners. They provide all information
about dog rescue centers, Dog trainers, Dog names, what can a dog drink and lots
more. This site is an ocean overflowing with liking for dogs where their
requirements are fully taken care of. This is one stop store for dog owners. For
more details visit:

41 Westview Avenue
Glen Parba
United Kingdom
Phone: 01162987762
Website :

Web Site:

Contact Details: 41 Westview Avenue
Glen Parba
Leicester, LE2 9JU
United Kingdom
Phone: 01162987762
Website :

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