EmploymentCrossing Launches CPlusPlusCrossing with over 2,000 C++ Job Openings

Released on: October 24, 2008, 7:08 am

Press Release Author: Mary Waldron

Industry: Small Business

Press Release Summary: EmploymentCrossing, one of the world's largest job-board
operators, has recently launched CPlusPlusCrossing. As part of the
EmploymentCrossing job-site franchise, CPlusPlusCrossing is seeking to list every
C++ job in the United States in one place. Using a proprietary technology,
CPlusPlusCrossing monitors the C++ jobs on other job websites and other sources and
displays every C++ job it can find in the market. CPlusPlusCrossing's goal is
nothing less than to show job seekers every C++ job available.

Press Release Body: Pasadena, CA - A C++ professional mostly works in the
programming team to build and enhance the next generation software solutions for
customers. Their role is primarily involved with desktop software development,
working with the R&D department along with GUI work. The C++ professionals design,
code & test modules and components assigned in the C++ environment.
CPlusPlusCrossing, the newly launched job board for C++ professionals, aspires to
list a comprehensive collection of researched C++ job openings. The C++ job site
even features jobs from Fortune 500 and Inc. 500 companies, and nearly from every
C++ job source in the US. CPlusPlusCrossing aspires to transform the careers and
lives of thousands of C++ professionals every week and every day.

According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average starting salaries for
students who earn a diploma in programming in C++ programming varies, depending upon
location and level of responsibility. A job in C++ programming is highly sought
after and always in demand as employment trends predict. The language is said to be
the basis of object-oriented programming and programmers are expected to know C and
C++ languages before venturing for more advanced languages. The economic outlook and
growth potential in this industry is also very good, according to the report. The
Bureau of Labor Statistics also states that, competition for jobs in this category
is very high. Hence, those with practical experience in C++ programming and at least
a bachelor's degree in computer engineering or computer science should have the best

Also according to PayScale.com, the average best pay package is for the senior
development manager of C++ programming with about $105,000. The average pay scale
for C++ professionals also stands at about $70,000, according to the site.

''CPlusPlusCrossing is a research company that works for job seekers,'' says A.
Harrison Barnes, founder and CEO of CPlusPlusCrossing. ''We seek to connect you to
employers. In this market it is extremely hard to get a job with a recruiter, and
recruiters typically work with very few companies. Job openings that are not widely
known or publicized are the easiest jobs to get.''

CPlusPlusCrossing was launched to assist C++ professionals with sorting out the
opportunities that they may not find out about otherwise. Unlike other job boards,
the site focuses solely on C++ jobs, and it doesn't charge employers to post jobs.

''CPlusPlusCrossing is a research company that works for job seekers,'' Barnes says.
''We seek to connect you to employers.'' Barnes also emphasizes that
CPlusPlusCrossing is committed to finding new sources of jobs daily.

CPlusPlusCrossing charges $29.95 a month to view its job-opening research. As part
of the site's launch special, however, CPlusPlusCrossing is offering a free,
seven-day trial to allow job seekers to familiarize themselves with the service.

For more information about CPlusPlusCrossing, please visit

Web Site: http://www.cpluspluscrossing.com/

Contact Details: Mary Wilson

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