Empower your Mind by Supplementation

Released on: October 15, 2008, 7:44 am

Press Release Author: IntelliBoost

Industry: Food & Beverage

Press Release Summary: Discover a new way to improve the clarity of your mind, and
SUCCESS may follow.

Press Release Body: Imagine being able to take a test with ease, doing homework and
studying with ease, and working on your job with ease. As you might guess or know,
there are various supplements in existence that can make this possible. Many people
resort to prescription drugs, caffeine drinks, and some resort to supplements.
Unfortunately, prescription drugs, have side effects, are not good for the body
overall, and tend to be hard to come by. Caffeine drinks tend to be highly
hazardous to your health, one being higher blood pressure, more stress on the heart.
These issues just don't justify the end results if it deteriorates your health. As
a result, supplementations have come along that are natural and can generate similar
results. Now I want to introduce you to IntelliBoost; IntelliBoost is an all
natural supplement t hat has some of the affects that we've all come to learn and
love for getting our work done, but it includes more than just that. You can expect
an energy boost, improved focus, and a general improvement of your memory overtime,
but the most exciting ability is the calming effect of IntelliBoost. It has the
ability to relax you and reduce stress for those who have an important deadline or
exam they are studying for, this can prove to assist with the overwhelming feeling
you get. For more information about IntelliBoost and its benefits go to
http://www.intelliboost.com .

Web Site: http://www.intelliboost.com

Contact Details: chenig@intelliboost.com

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