Expert Warns That Cutting Graduate Recruitment Is Commercial Suicide

Released on: October 29, 2008, 4:39 am

Press Release Author: Hannah Lane/apt marketing & pr ltd

Industry: Human Resources

Press Release Summary: The economic slowdown has caused many companies to reassess
their recruitment activity as financial belts are tightened. Many are inclined to
freeze graduate recruitment plans; a tactic which Jonathan Evans of Discovery
Recruitment warns is a big mistake.

Press Release Body: A recent report from the Higher Education Statistics Agency
states that unemployment rates for university graduates are much lower than in
previous years. The annual survey tracks students six months after graduation and
found that 5.6% are out of work, compared with 6.1% the previous year. However, as
these are 2007 figures, the effect of this year's economic downturn cannot yet be
fully assessed. At this point it is difficult to estimate the impact on the
graduate recruitment market but no doubt businesses will be nervously looking at
ways to cut costs. Jonathan Evans believes this is one area where companies should
continue to invest.

Discovery Recruitment specialises in nationwide graduate recruitment across many
industry sectors and understands how important it is to maintain a steady flow of
new talent into a business. MD, Jonathan Evans is adamant that without regular
graduate intake, a company is risking its future business success. Employers must
decide where staffing cuts are best made with regard to their long-term interests.
This apparently negative situation could potentially be used to streamline staff
resources. If cuts must be made then Jonathan Evans suggests looking at trimming
high-waged middle managers, allowing for the continued introduction of fresh young
talent into the business.

Jonathan Evans, MD of Discovery recruitment comments, "Some employers may stop
taking on graduates as the economy stands still. Businesses must understand that
this represents commercial suicide for them in the long-run; they should be seeing
this as the time to invest in their future not just thinking about the here and now.
Employers must continue to feed the recruitment pipeline in order to secure a
stable future. If anything, businesses should be getting rid of expensive,
non-producing 'dead wood' if cut backs have to be made, rather than cutting off the
supply of vital future talent."

Interviews with Jonathan Evans, MD of Discovery recruitment are available on request.

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