First Pay-Per-Click Search Marketing Platform For P2P, P2Pwords(tm), Unveiled By Brand Asset Digital

Released on: October 21, 2008, 5:15 am

Press Release Author: Andrew Eisenberg

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Empowering Brands to Target & Connect directly to over 450
Million consumers via P2P by Leveraging 45 Billion P2P searches a month.

Press Release Body: New York, NY, October 21, 2008 -- Brand Asset Digital announces
the public beta of the world's first and only Search Engine Marketing platform for
P2P Search called P2Pwords(tm). The platform, which is the first pay-per-click for P2P
Search, gives top advertisers the unique ability to target and connect their branded
content directly to consumers via P2P Search.

Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN Adcenter have created a Web Search
market worth $22 Billion in 2007 on over 10 Billion Web searches a month (comScore).
P2Pwords(tm) technology applies the same business model of pay-per-click keyword
targeting to the 1.5 Billion searches a day (Tiversa) 45 Billion searches a month on
P2P, well over 4 times the size of web search. This consumptive marketplace
accounts for almost 70% of Internet bandwidth. Where as Web search is a browsing
culture, P2P search is a consumption culture, a perfect fit for branded content and
advertisers seeking targeted engagement around content. Up till now this enormous
potential marketplace has been unavailable to marketers.

Google and others place text ads around web search results. When clicked on they
link you to a website. With P2Pwords(tm) the content-based search result is the new ad.
P2Pwords(tm) combines a Paid Search model with SEO (search engine optimization)
principles by inserting the ad amongst the actual search results. P2Pwords(tm)
campaigns have already generated over two billion impressions a day, over sixty
billion a month, across all P2P search engines. The platform is open to qualified
advertisers and content owners after having been in private beta with Brand Asset
Group, select artists and Fortune 500 companies for over a year. Beta partners
included vitaminwater, GM/Pontiac and Dial Corp/Right Guard.

Private Beta tests with top brands and artists achieved exceptional results. Average
CTR (click-through-rate), verified from clients' landing pages, was over 4%.

With the official launch of P2Pwords(tm) Tim Hogan and Joey P., Co-founders of Brand
Asset Digital, anticipate aggressive growth. "If you are a brand manager or agency
that uses musical artists or celebrities in marketing, or a Media Company trying to
capture more of your audience online, P2P search is the most effective means to
engage and connect with your target through the billions of impressions that occur
in P2P," explains Joey P. Hogan adds, "With 70% of online marketing budgets going
to Web Search, we feel our platform compliments the space for top brands and content
providers looking to target and connect with consumers by extending their reach into
P2P. For the first time, P2Pwords(tm) empowers brands to access the estimated 450
Million P2P users worldwide on top an accountability engine of world-class business
intelligence and consumer insight, another first in the P2P space." Hogan said.

The vision behind P2Pwords(tm) is the merging of minds of Tim Hogan and Joey P. along
with partner Chris Lighty, CEO of Brand Asset Group/Violator. Matching technology
prowess with branding and lifestyle marketing savvy, the three have been able to
work with Lighty's roster of top entertainment (including 50 Cent, Diddy, LL Cool J)
and advertising brands to bring the power of P2Pwords(tm) to life. Stated Lighty,
"When I can deliver the equivalent of Google Adwords and SEO for the P2P space to
our clients, they're in. It's where their target consumers really are. This is
Adwords for P2P plain and simple"

Brand Asset Digital was born of 3 leading technology companies that merged in the
summer of 2007. INTENT Media Works (funded by Allen & Co., Greycroft and Softbank),
on the cutting edge of productizing the P2P space for advertisers since 2003, merged
with entrepreneur Tim Hogan's Beyond Media and P2P Engineering, which had been
providing distributed technology services for major film studios, TV Networks and
recording labels since 2001.

Brand Asset Digital will be releasing a case study a week for the next several weeks
from several of their private beta campaigns with top brands.

About Brand Asset Digital:

Brand Asset Digital is a distributed technologies company with a focus on P2P search
marketing and efficient LIVE content delivery. The company is based in New York
City and Pensacola, Florida with new offices opening in California and Michigan.
The technology platform behind Brand Asset Digital products is its proprietary
distributed CDN (content delivery network), Optimon(tm), built by Tim Hogan and his
development team. Brand Asset Digital is privately funded.

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