Franchise Buster, LLC Announces a New Small Business and Franchise Website

Released on: October 7, 2008, 11:31 am

Press Release Author: Franchise Buster

Industry: Small Business

Press Release Summary: A new website for use by future small business owners and
franchisees has been opened for public use. The website attempts to match
interested candidates with business owners for the purpose of creating lasting
economic relationships.

Press Release Body: Franchise Buster, LLC has put forth an exciting and informative
franchise and small business resource for use by all individuals interested in
exploring potential business opportunities. The company's goal is to match
interested individuals with small business and franchise opportunities - based upon
a proprietary system of candidate evaluation and recruitment. Once suitable
candidates, who've expressed an interest in small business or franchise ownership,
are located, they are referred to a network of successful and interested business

"Our company is unique in its ability to select only the most qualified individuals
for referral to our nationwide system of business owners," said co-owner Kyle Myers.
"We believe that we've identified certain personality traits that make success more
likely. Our clients understand that it is far more important to receive quality
candidates than an influx of unqualified leads."

With all of the economic turmoil present in today's economy it is even more
important that only the most suitable candidates are selected for each small
business opportunity. "Our clients don't have time to waste on weeding out those
individuals who aren't 100% serious and qualified", says Kyle Myers. "The business
owners that we work with are trying to find only those people that can immediately
step-in and get right to work. Today's economic client makes it imperative that the
candidate selection process is accurate and effective."

Among the many services offered by Franchise Buster, LLC to business owners are the

* Basic Resume Sourcing
* Advanced Candidate Screening and Evaluation
* Initial Candidate Interviews
* Follow-up Interviews
* Candidate Leads

Franchise Buster, LLC believes that there is much more to candidate recruitment than
placing an employment ad on an Internet job board. A focus is placed on only
recruiting individuals whose individual strengths and experiences have been shown to
lead to success in the business ownership environment. A company can spend tens of
thousands of dollars to recruit a few potential business owners. Franchise Buster,
LLC attempts to take the guesswork out of the process so that business owners may
focus their efforts on building a profitable business instead of recruiting.

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Contact Details: Franchise Buster

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