Free Book Explains Asset Protection, Incorporating a Business and How to Build Business Credit

Released on: October 30, 2008, 8:57 am

Press Release Author: Brett Schoneman / Companies Incorporated

Industry: Small Business

Press Release Summary: Companies Incorporated, specializing in providing clients
with asset protection, business credit building, wealth building and incorporation
services is offering their book, "Build Your Financial Castle" for free for a
limited time, regularly $24.95

Press Release Body: For those interested in starting a business, building corporate
credit or protecting their assets from lawsuits, Companies Incorporated provides
powerful strategies in their book, "Build Your Financial Castle", written by asset
protection specialist, nationwide seminar speaker and CEO of Companies Incorporated
and Offshore Company, Kevin Wessell.

Free download at:

The book normally sells for $24.95, but Companies Incorporated is offering it free
for a limited time in order to help educate the public about the dangers they face
of losing everything they own from a financially devastating lawsuit. In addition
to covering asset protection and lawsuit protection, the book also teaches people
about wealth building and how and why they should incorporate themselves, their
assets and their businesses, estate planning and living trusts for protecting their
family, how to obtain and build business credit without affecting personal credit,
even the benefits of offshore trusts for asset diversification, protection and

There are so many areas of vulnerability people need to be aware of when it comes to
their financial assets. Also there are many avenues of wealth building available to
people as well. "Build Your Financial Castle" covers these topics and a great deal

After reading the book, people are welcome to contact Companies Incorporated toll
free with any questions they may have or for a free personal consultation about
their specific requirements. Companies Incorporated also has a website filled with
an enormous amount of free valuable information about these subjects and other
important items people need to know about. Visit: for
more information.

For those thinking about starting a business, forming a partnership, investing in
real estate or raising capital for their business, they will benefit by reading this
book before taking that first step. Anything from an accident to a partnership
conflict to a personal loan which can not be paid back on time to a lawsuit can cost
an entrepreneur a terrible financial loss. There are important steps that people
can take in advance to help protect themselves should these problems ever arise.

About Companies Incorporated
Established in 1977, Companies Incorporated serves businesses and individuals with
asset protection services, incorporating services including establishing LLC's
(Limited Liability Companies), business credit building services, tax reduction
strategies, offshore banking services and a wide variety of other programs.

Companies Incorporated is based in the Los Angeles area at 28015 Smyth Drive, Santa
Clarita, CA 91355. Telephone: 1-800-Company (1-800-266-7269). The website is:

About Kevin Wessell
Kevin Wessell is a nationally renowned business planning expert, seminar speaker and
CEO of Companies Incorporated and Offshore Company. He has over 17 years experience
helping people incorporate businesses and build corporate credit. Mr. Wessell is
also the author of the book "How to Build Your Financial Castle," which teaches
people how to form a corporation, obtain business credit and includes estate
planning and asset protection advice. The book is currently available for a free
download at:


Web Site:

Contact Details: 28015 Smyth Drive
Santa Clarita, CA 91355
1-800-COMPANY (1-800-266-7269)

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