GIS Services for Retail Industry - Business Geo intelligence

Released on: October 24, 2008, 2:53 am

Press Release Author: SBLGIS

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: GIS assists you to make strategic business plans with an
exclusive set of planning services which helps you make decisions in various
competitive retail business segments. The retail store network is optimized to
improve your return-on invested-capital (ROIC) based on identifying the specific
trade areas.

Press Release Body: By understanding geography and people's relationship to
location, we can make informed decisions about the way we live on our planet.
Successful businesses use Business Geointelligence. Organizations can go beyond
standard data analysis by using GIS tools to integrate, view, and analyze data using

How do you choose a successful retail site?

Location is the often repeated mantra that empowers retail site selection success.
Gis accelerates this success by identifying a site of high demand potential and
visual exposure through our business geointelligence methods.

GIS has tailored solutions for specific business needs which include advanced
geospatial modeling, statistical analysis, and cross-referencing of customer,
public and private data.

All these are designed to help companies identify, analyze, and prioritize the fresh
and upcoming business prospects and optimize existing sales and marketing programs
to enhance their profit potentials.

GIS help you make decisions on

1.Real Estate Management.
2.Planning New Locations.
3.Optimization/ Selection.
4.Planning Business Planning.
5.Territory Planning.

Input for the process

2.Expenditure potential.
3.Consumer segmentation.
4.Shopping center locations.
5.Your corporate or proprietary database.

Applications of GIS Services in Retail Sector

1.Evaluate current market position and identify under and over invaded submarkets.
2.Estimate the number of locations a market can support.
3.Understand the effects of competitive market moves.
4.Identify the optimal expansion opportunities in a market.
5.Evaluate existing stores to spot over & under performers.
6.Measure the impact of new store openings, relocations,remodels, closures, and
competitive acquisitions.
7.Identification of a series of existing locations that resemble the proposed
8.A compilation of maps and reports that highlight the crucial information about a
potential site in a consistent and comparable manner.
9.Score potential locations based on the quality and composition of the expected
trade area.
10.Assess the size and shape of a proposed storeEUR(tm)s trade area based on urbanicity
and competitive intensity.Store networks and prioritize capital investments based on
predictive, multi-factor trade areas.
11.Optimize store networks; and localize marketing and merchandising.
12.Prioritize markets to enter, expand or exit.

GIS Benefits

1.Increase revenue potential by realizing market share.
2.Understand spheres of influence and gain knowledge of your trading areas.
3.Estimate sales and quantify market cannibalization.
4.Enhance performance of existing stores.
5.Prioritize retail expansion and optimize retail network strategies.
6.Improve returns on direct marketing and promotional campaigns with better.
7.Stimulate development strategies for improved results.
8.Reduce risk on long-term real estate decisions.

We hope you found it useful. For more information about the applications of GIS
Services in various sectors Please visit the following link.

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