Released on: October 22, 2008, 6:14 am


Industry: Government

Press Release Summary: Shahzada Sher Saddozai The Chief Executive of GREATGLOBALIST
[SMC PVT.] LTD.Pakistan restassured that unless a couple of Trillions arn't spent
with him ,the chances of recovery for Billions is not possible. GREATGLOBALIST he
said was totally new creator company that could up World Production couple of
hundred percent before August 2009 .

Press Release Body: Multan .Pakistan.

Shahzada Sher Saddozai of GREAT GLOBALIST[SMC PVT]LTD.
The original high roller behind concepts Democratisation and Globalisation is
talking in a Internet forum with Elizabeth Windsor ,Prince Philip,Prince Harry
,Carla Sarkozy ,and list of other Billionaires including LVMH Chairman Arnault. . The volatile speaker
pointed at Bretton Woods like a Romeo and Juliet that reunited Families after
killing the actors ! Answering Georges T B Hua he said" You need 1 Billion Euros to
begin ? that Billion euros makes it the old Bretton Woods again .They will tell you
it was not a good experience except that Wars were Financed ,Martial Laws were
Imposed,Properties were Nationalised , Intellectuals were Killed, Students were
Thrashed, Morality was Staked, Sicknesses were Bartered, so mmuch happened that all
was attributed to homing Jews that were not acceptable to civilised europeans,
giving secularists a chance to rule , and rebuild a war ravished europe,which
however is finally accomplished!
The 6.5 Million people from every region that have ready [Online]Credit Cards to pay
for a game like return? That class of people are the exploiters and children and
grandchildren and service to the Military Juntas , Constitutional Republic Regime
Families and Faschist Dictators and Despotic Protege. There is mercy for this crowd
but no roomn for thier policies! You must remember that the world voted Change from
hyper bureacratic tapes and section 144's. A Change from one side getting green and
another dryer! A Change from having an ILO and no Corporate cManagement for
labourers. A Change from us and them to kith and kin a brotherhood of man a planet
of believers living like brothers and sisters .
The Internet itself has been a non succesfull tool of commerce so far ,such pyramid
theories are in practice by mail already . Between real public and the Highness
floors are zionist bureacracies,they must be replaced by professional consultants.
The wealth of the world has played one number we must book our seats for the new
show! Nato is at Kabul and Moscow is at Ashqabad ,just like closing the book on

He announced Globalisation a successfull revolution that was buying USA in a big
way except that still there is a cloud around the politicians. He promised he could
sell a few chairs from his table but there are no chances with mere Billions
although nobody is corrupt except for Wars being fought for/in hundreds of

Shahzada announced ,The world is rich and ready in a platter .Poverty or Wars
rooted up by Bureacrats that have hardly recieved mention yet as we tackled issues
after issues since The West Germans crowded at Liep Zieg until the Wall went down.
Since Ted Turner distributed Satlelite Dish Antennas untill the Trade Towers blew
up , Since Gen Musharaff's Junta took charges of Pakistan to until pakistani's
voted him out democratically ! , .Nobody is pushed to re-let in a bleeding Monetary
system that wants escuse!

The world wants to afford global products around them !
At an age when Arts and Sciences have reached Perfection!
let there BE Globalisation!
Let every living soul feel contentment!

Web Site:

Contact Details: P.R.O.
Shahzada Sher Saddozai .P .O .Box. 195 GPO Multan.

Exec Suite: 2581 Nishtar Road Multan 60000..Pakistan.. TEl: 0092 61 4763190 Fax:
0092 61 4517251 ..Cell: 0092613027489105 Pakistan.

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