Grant Money Awarded to Preserve American History

Released on: October 8, 2008, 12:13 am

Press Release Author: Grant Team

Industry: Small Business

Press Release Summary: Historical records, artifacts and memories are being
preserved for future generations to benefit from as a result of generous grants.

Press Release Body: Las Vegas, NV ( ExpressPressRelease ) August 26, 2008 – –
According to the USA Grants Team ( web site, “Records
Commission has awarded $2.8 million for 34 projects in 22 states and the District of
Columbia for preserving and publishing historical records.”

These types of funds are offered nationwide for a variety of causes that proclaim to
sustain our heritage and protect it for future generations. Many universities and
museums use these funds for the necessary technology to maintain our chronological
“footprints” as learning tools for this and future generations.

Without proper care, historical documents like the Declaration of Independence and
the Emancipation Proclamation would no longer exist for eager young historians to
gaze upon and learn from.

Grants provide the necessary funding for teams to uncover these long lost artifacts
in deserts and forests around the world through archaeological digs. Further funding
avails the unearthing, preservation and transport of said objects to natural history
museums and universities for further analysis.

Financial support of these projects lends itself each and every step of the way to
maintaining and preserving our history for years to come. The information that we
gain from the documents and artifacts gives us a glimpse into the past and an
insight toward the future.

Of the various agencies in place to facilitate preservation projects, there is
assistance on both local and state levels. Qualified recipients may obtain funds to
enlist professional assistance for a project from engineers, architects, or
archaeologist as well as help with legal matters, public educational opportunities,
fund raising and planning or organizing projects.

Whatever the requirements of the restoration and preservation of the nation’s
history, there are most likely funding agencies (
willing and able to lend support whether of financial or educational purposes.

When our past is properly preserved, our present and future can discover the true
meaning of being an American.

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