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Released on: October 2, 2008, 4:16 am

Press Release Author: Grant Team

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: An overall increase in generosity was experienced in 2007 in
all areas of charitable organizations.

Press Release Body: Las Vegas, NV ( ExpressPressRelease ) October 2, 2008 – Despite
the high economic costs that are weighing on most American’s these past few years,
charitable donations were at an all time high for 2007.

Last year, monetary gifts exceeded $300 billion dollars. This is significantly
higher than past years. In fact, this considerable increase hasn’t been matched
since 2001.

It has been suggested that the healthy stock market in early 2007 was a contributing
factor, as well as the measured economic growth, and the overall increase in
corporate and personal salaries.

Even though petroleum costs exceeded $4.00 per gallon in several areas of the
country, the highest increase of overall giving surprisingly came from individuals.
75% of financial gifts ( came from American
citizens. The other 25% was a combination of private foundations and corporations
totaling at around $38.5 billion.

Each area experienced an increase in contributions. About a third of all donations
last year were given to religious organizations. Churches received $102.32 billion,
a 4.7% increase from the prior year.

Education also received larger endowments in 2007. Nearly a 6.5% increase was
received by schools and similar educational organizations. They’ll need to disperse
well over $43 billion in supporting grants (

Human services and health organizations found generous increases as well. $23.15
billion was taken in by health organizations, a 5.4% increase and at 8.4% more than
last year, an incredible $29.64 billion helped charitable organization and human
services throughout the nation.

The most considerable swell of contributions went to international affairs
organizations and disaster relief groups. At an incredible 16% rise from last year,
these groups received a total of $13.22 billion.

Although charitable generosity was at a surplus last year, it is anticipated that
the slowing economic growth in 2008 will effect endowments across the board.
Gasoline costs are rising and with that, every industry and individual is
experiencing higher costs of living, and major increases in all areas of expenses.

Real Estate and credit tragedies are taking their toll on everyone. This crunch is
affecting the entire nation, and inevitably such noteworthy causes.

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