Hang Your New TV with WeMountU!

Released on: October 8, 2008, 11:56 pm

Press Release Author: Andrew Birkitt

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Modern day televisions have become smaller, sleek and
beautiful. They have moved themselves out from their traditional cup boards to wall
hangings. Wall hanging televisions save space in your drawing room and are more
visually appealing

Press Release Body: October 2008 - Television today has grown in technology, size
and luxury. From being huge box it has become as sleek as a portrait. With the
growing sophistications it is now possible to have wall having type televisions to
add grandeur to your TV hall and consequently help you save space.

Wall hanging type television requires much care in choosing the right brackets
depending on the weight and dimensions of your television. You ought to take care as
choosing wrong mounting types and brackets can ruin both your wall as well your new
television set. But now one can rest in peace as WeMountU a company which prides it
for producing TV wall mounts, TV wall brackets
and LCD wall mounts of top quality, has launched the site www.wemountu.com which helps you look, test, choose
and buy the wall accessories at dirt cheap prices and top drawer quality.

WeMountU.com is one of the most famous companies
when it comes to wall mounting accessories in UK. They pride themselves to be the
best in their business. As a result they offer you with high quality products which
bear no less than ten years warranty and 14 day money back guarantee. They also
offer with multiple functionality stands like mount with Tilt, Swivel and Cantilever
Arm. They offer solutions for all types of television like LCD, plasma, TFT, etc.
WeMountU has an experienced sales team which can look in to toughest of your
problems. The materials used for the manufacture of the parts are of the best
quality. They serve the multinationals and single customer with equal importance.

WeMountU.com also offers online shopping
facilities. Customer reviews can be read on www.wemountu.com . E- Sopping is also possible in
the same site. The delivery time is the next working day, which is incredibly fast
too. Huge discounts are put up on the various parts. Various designer products are
also available which makes you doubly comfortable when choosing your product. The
site is well organized in its content, with sample product pictures adoring it. The
site is also security verified in the sense credit cards; etc can be used without
any fear. The site has security labels from a number of agencies. The company also
offers you with a free home delivery offer for all your purchases.

WeMountU.com follows a dedicated sales follow up
service. They offer both free phone and live chat features for the customers to
interact and ask their queries. They also offer you a quick mount solution by which
you just have to enter your product name, manufacturer and size and they return you
with the best match for it. This saves a lot of time instead of searching for the
best fit.

Apart from these WeMountU also provide you with accessories like cables, remote
controls, etc. Wall brackets, Wall Mounts save
a lot of space and are pleasing. You also get to have vantage point viewing which
cannot be achieved with the older TV stands. So go ahead and hang your new
television set with them.

Merlin House,
Hemswell CliffCaenby Corner Estate,
Phone:0800 849 1144
Email : marketing@wemountu.com
website: www.wemountu.com

Web Site: http://www.wemountu.com

Contact Details: Merlin House,
Hemswell CliffCaenby Corner Estate,
Phone:0800 849 1144
Email : marketing@wemountu.com
website: http://www.wemountu.com

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