Released on: October 16, 2008, 4:55 pm

Press Release Author: Steve McCurdy / Storymaster Press

Industry: Government

Press Release Summary: Based on a True Story, New Book Explores a Re-emerging
Cold-War Situation. A rogue Russian General took an outrageous action that pushed
NORAD and the Air Force's nuclear missile forces and bombers to full alert - launch
keys out and ready.

Press Release Body: A rogue Russian General took an outrageous action that pushed
NORAD and the Air Force's nuclear missile forces and bombers to full alert - launch
keys out and ready. Awareness of the action had come through means so covert that
any action by the President or Joint Chiefs before the proper moment would reveal
the sources and compromise national security. Delay, however, was certain to
condemn the target cities to annihilation.

The above scenario is not a modern day threat matrix - though it could be - but is
the actual cold war situation that took this country to the edge of nuclear war in
the waning hours of the Nixon administration. An event never reported before.
Author, Steve McCurdy was a Minuteman Missile launch officer at the time and has
brought this story to the page through a thinly fictionalized account entitled "The
Whiteman Scenario."

"The fact presently is that Russia is re-arming with petro dollars, showing
aggression in Georgia and elsewhere, and ignoring world opinion. Rogue nations are
flaunting international treaties and rapidly developing nuclear weapons for
dissemination to regimes that are even more radical," explained McCurdy.
"Presidential and vice-Presidential candidates are commenting publicly on the
possibility of a new cold war - or even the prospect of a shooting war with nuclear
powers. History is on the verge of repeating itself. This year's Presidential
decision may be the most pivotal ever."

For almost 35 years, McCurdy attempted to get permission to write a factual memoir
about the incident depicted in the novel. In addition to his own first-hand
knowledge he was able to find dozens of missile launch officers who were on duty at
the time with vivid and haunting memories of the incident. The Air Force
Information Office was tight-lipped, however, and offered very mixed reactions to
his requests for clearance and help. Some information officers claimed there was no
record of such an incident, others claimed it was still classified. When McCurdy,
an accomplished screenplay writer and director, decided to tell the story with
fictionalized characters and strategically altered checklist names and codes - the
problems dissolved and "no objections" were offered by the Air Force's Office of
Special Investigation. The book, available at ,, and by order from any bookstore, has received wide acclaim and solid 4
and 5 star reviews.

"It is scary and entertaining... but the problem is... it was and still is true,"
McCurdy stated.
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