InteSuite Launches World-Class Web eMarketing Application

Released on: October 23, 2008, 3:20 pm

Press Release Author: Barry McKean

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: InteCom eMarkeing application addresses the technology curve,
being specifically developed with the end user in mind. What we have achieved is the
worlds easiest & most affordable eMarketing application for businesses world wide.

Press Release Body: InteSuite Corporation Ltd.

Drive Your Business Further


InteSuite Launches World-Class Web Application

Levin, New Zealand (October 24, 2008) - InteSuite Corporation Ltd., today announced
that they have launched a powerful new web-based marketing tool designed
specifically for small to medium sized businesses.

This new system offers leading web-based business application technology. As a
powerful e-marketing tool it allows small and medium sized business owners to boost
profits and sales fast without spending a lot of money, and measures the
effectiveness and response to campaigns they create with InteCom in real time.
InteCom has been specifically designed to make marketing effective, easy and fun.

The service will be of tremendous value to entrepreneurs, business professionals and
small businesses. "This is a cutting-edge web application, far superior to anything
currently available in the market place. Said Barry McKean, managing director of
InteSuite Corporation Ltd. "We're expecting tremendous sales nationally and
internationally, as there is nothing that can compete in terms of value for money,
cost effectiveness and returns".

As the economy tightens around the world, businesses are looking for innovative ways
to market and promote their products and services. With InteCom, many business
owners will now be able to maximize their marketing mix and explore new e-commerce
opportunities that were not previously available to them in this price range.

"Businesses have to embrace the web as a platform as a way to do business in this
day and age. We've made significant investments to make it easy for business owners
to leapfrog the competition by enhancing their marketing mix with an online
component". Says Kushla Rollinson, marketing manager of InteSuite.

The companies website contains additional information.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Levin
New Zealand

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