Is all the news about the economy starting to freak you out Now More than ever, your mindset matters

Released on: October 1, 2008, 12:10 pm

Press Release Author: OneCoach Inc.

Industry: Small Business

Press Release Summary: OneCoach Franchise continues to thrive during an economic
hardship and tips to beat the recession.

Press Release Body: San Diego – Sept. 30, 2008 - It’s hard to avoid the messages of
economic gloom and doom permeating the airwaves, newspapers and magazines right now.

Yes, the stock market is on a roller coaster. And it’s true that no one is really
certain what the future holds in terms of job growth, foreclosure rates, and
available credit and so on. The economy may have slid into a recession, and no one
is sure what to do about it.

“What recession?” said John Assaraf, CEO of OneCoach. “We’re going full speed ahead,
and so are our Business Growth Network™ members. In fact, our Mind, Marketing &
Millions® business conference just sold out – in a matter of hours!”

A franchising company that delivers business-growth services, OneCoach helps
business owners grow their businesses faster by mastering the mindset for success,
and then helping them attract more clients. The Mind, Marketing & Millions business
conference is a major business-growth happening, being held in Los Angeles Oct. 23 –

Members of the Business Growth Network have regular access to Ask the Expert calls
hosted by OneCoach founders Assaraf and Murray Smith, as well as a host of other
business-building resources.

In a recent call, Assaraf shared these tips on how to change your mindset to not
only survive but thrive during unpredictable economic times:

Manage your internal dialogue. The media is constantly hammering us with startling
figures about the economic downturn. This can cause people to panic. Manage your
self-talk and stay positive, rather than defaulting to a victim mentality. You
really can grow your business and achieve financial freedom, if you have clarity,
and you take the right steps in the right order.

Focus is the key to success. If you are only focused on the negative, then that is
what you are going to see. Focus on your goals and keep calm while everyone else

Spot the hidden opportunities. If you see only the problems in front of you, then
you’re going to miss the opportunities – and there are always opportunities. Right
now as your competition is cutting back and spending less on marketing, this is your
opportunity to expand your share of the market.

For more tips on how to grow your business, regardless of economic conditions,
expert see the OneCoach Business Insights blog at

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