JOYity Reality Games on the G1 Cell Phone

Released on: October 21, 2008, 5:23 am

Press Release Author: Zelfi AG

Industry: Telecommunications

Press Release Summary: The mobile marketing and mobile entertainment company Zelfi
presents its new software development, JOYity. It will be available at the Android
Market, the online market place of the new Linux-based mobile operating system.
JOYity is an interactive gaming platform with a wide range of stunning reality games
for playing on HTC G1 cell phones.

Press Release Body: JOYity, the new mobile gaming software platform, will
revolutionize the oldest leisure activity of humans: gaming. The client software for
Android smart phones gives the user access to a wide variety of JOYity games. Every
game of JOYity is unique and associated with physical reality. As a single player or
as a team the player enters the game in his or her natural environment, in a
predetermined tailored area and has to solve a lot of quests. Some of these quests
can be solved only at certain locations and might turn out as a hint to the next
destination. A quest can be a picture puzzle, another kind of riddle, or even a
physical challenge that has to be accepted at a specific location. "There are no
limits to creativity", Andreas Berg, CEO of Zelfi, describes the features and the
appeal of the game.

The cell phone as a communications and multimedia device is the central element of
the game. The player can use it to receive information and hints, as a map, for
internet research or just to contact someone. "It is the combination of features
such as GPS and location-based services with other phone capabilities that make
playing JOYity games a completely new experience. The easiest mode is similar to
geocaching", Berg explains the principle. "But instead of having static instructions
with GPS coordinates JOYity games are interactive and dynamic." With JOYity a player
can play an adventure full of puzzles and challenges.

Another feature that makes JOYity extraordinary is the capability to design games.
With the aid of the software the user of JOYity is enabled to construct a new game
from scratch or to derive from existing games. The game creation can be shared with
the JOYity user community. "While it is exiting to play a game someone else created,
it might be even more thrilling to create a game and see other people play it. You
feel like a director of a movie", states Andreas Berg. The power of imagination does
not have any limits, particularly since the game does not only take place in the
virtual world or in the real world, but in a combination of both. This promises to
be an adventurous and exciting experience, whether a user is creating new games or
taking part in an already existing one. JOYity games can be played everywhere in the
world. But specific games can also be tailored to one location and make the player
get to know unknown corners of his or her own city or explore a yet completely
unknown place. One way or another, stirring entertainment in an adventurous style is

JOYity is a novelty in the market of games. The gaming software can be downloaded
free of charge for HTC G1 cell phones at Android Market, an open content
distribution service provided of Google along with the Open Handset Alliance.
Interested parties are invited to visit the JOYity website (

Web Site:

Contact Details: Zelfi AG
CEO: Andreas Berg
Erthalstr. 1
D-55118 Mainz

Telefon: +49 6131-9064850
Telefax: +49 6131-9064853

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