Joe the Plumber is the Republican Party active member and Replacement of Swift Boats Veterans in Election2008

Released on: October 20, 2008, 9:54 am

Press Release Author: Stream Information Brokers

Industry: Government

Press Release Summary: Joe the Plumber Not his Real Name.He was sent undercover to
join Obama campaign and is the Republican Party active member. His mission was to
ask Obama prepared by Republican Party questions in front of TV cameras.

Press Release Body: Stream Information Brokers(Washington,DC October20,2008)
World Largest Political Experts are laughing as 2008 Republican Party Nominee for
President had started his similar to Swift Boats Veterans Caimpaign. Only now it is
about Economy!
John McCain,Sara Palin are speading Extremely SHAMELESS LIES by creating Fictional
Joe the Plumber character and SCARE tactics, that Barack Obama wants take Money from
Successful Middle Class and "Spead the Wealth"!
Yes, in plain English tha story of Joe the Plumber look like daytime TV Soap Drama.
Republican Party Staff had found one of active party members to play Fictional Joe
the Plumber character in middle of Barack Obama Campaign. They coached him on what
to ask. Republican Party Staff invited the TV News Crew with Camera exactly to Place
,where Republican Party Snitch will ask his stupid questions. Republican Party Staff
was prepared to unleash their
Joe the Plumber exactly during 3d Presidential Debate to provide John McCain with FAKE
Middle Class Representative to build his debate on, because by his own remarks and
interviews John McCain do not know anything about Economy. John McCain from 2000 was
prepared to run for 2008 Presidential elections as National Security Expert. He
never been Economy Expert.
Thanks God largest Media TV News network had investigated Joe the Plumber
Fictional Character and reality behind his stupid questions.
World Largest Political Experts are surprised, that Middle Class still account John
McCain as Credible Person after all those Lies and Negative Campaign.
World Largest Political Experts are surprised, that American Voters and Real Life
Joes the Plumbers are closing their eyes and voting for Sons from American
2000 and 2004 they had vote for Son from American Aristocracy Bush Family.
In 2008 American Voters and Real Life Joes the Plumbers are invited to vote for Son
of US Admiral and Grandson of Admiral from American Military Aristocracy McCain
As matter of Fact Nobody from American Aristocracy Families want Real Life Joes the
Plumbers to be successful small business owners. Just imagine- everybody will
succeed! Who will then repair plumbing in one of 7 John McCain Family houses??
Someone else but not John McCain have to be poor and middle class and serve the
American Aristocracy. In Last Debates
John McCain looked in TV camera and assured Real Life Joes the Plumbers, that they
will do all work to shop and buy for families Healthcare Plans across state lines
after 10-12hours hard physical work every day! And John McCain administration
officials will do nothing, sit behind the desks from 9am to 6pm and receive Real
Life Joes the Plumbers taxpayer money in salary and bonuses!!
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