John McCain, Sara Palin want to make Richest Americans Richer while scare undecided voters with Obama - Robin Hood!

Released on: October 20, 2008, 9:58 am

Press Release Author: Stream Information Brokers

Industry: Government

Press Release Summary: Real Face of Republican Party- John McCain,Sara Palin want
300millions Americans pay more for Gasoline and Make 10000 of Richest Americans more
richer. John McCain,Sara Palin will make Richest Bankers richer with 700billions!

Press Release Body: Stream Information Brokers(Washington,DC September23,2008)
Republican Party- John McCain,Sara Palin are making Final Push to Win WhiteHouse.
They had unleashed SHAMELESS LIES campaign on Personality and proposed Economy
policies of Barack Obama.
World Largest Political Experts are laughing as 2008 Republican Party Nominee for
President had started his similar to Swift Boats Veterans Caimpaign. Only now it is
about Economy!
John McCain,Sara Palin are speading Extremely SHAMELESS LIES by creating Fictional
Joe the Plumber character and SCARE tactics, that Barack Obama wants take Money from
Successful Middle Class and "Spead the Wealth"!
In Fact it is Republican Party and W Bush are redistributing most of Wealth inside
American Society! The Richest had become more Richer and Middle class had become
much more poor!
2000-2008 US Presidency by Republican Party made 5 Largest Oil Companies much richer
with 100Billions Dollars in profits Each Year.
2000-2008 US Presidency under false claims to stimulate US Economy had redistributed
Wealth of US Taxpayers in size of 500billions budget surplus to
Halliburton,KBR,other american largest corporations in form of Corporate TAXCUTS.
2000-2008 US Presidency appointed former CEO of LehmanBros Investment Bank Hank
Poulsen and together they had redistributed Wealth of US Taxpayers in size of
750Billions to
5 Largest US Banks including JP Morgan,CitiGroup. Bankrupt LehmanBros,AIG,Fanny
Mae,Fredie Mac also had lined up for redistribution Billions Dollars from Wealth of
US Taxpayers as Free Bailout Packages.
It is all done under Largest Screams about Socialism, Liberalism of Barack Obama. He
is only proposing to redistribute Some Millions of dollars to most poor and Middle
Class to buy Bread for everyday meals!! While stealing US Taxpayers Money for
proposed Largest in History permanent Corporate TAXCUTS John McCain is calling
Barack Obama Economy Reform as Welfare and Socialism, Liberalism.
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