Link Staffing Franchise Office Experiences Record Startup Despite Economy

Released on: October 31, 2008, 3:05 am

Press Release Author: John Henning

Industry: Human Resources

Press Release Summary: Raleigh franchise has one of the fastest startup successes in
company history.

Press Release Body: Raleigh, North Carolina, October 31, 2008 -- The latest office
to open in the Link Staffing Services franchise network is breaking new ground with
their startup pace. While many other companies are struggling to stay afloat in the
recent economy, Franchisee Ron Ulla is seeing unprecedented growth. Since opening
its doors in April of this year, the Raleigh, NC operation has experienced one of
the fastest startups in Link's history.

Link Staffing Services, a national provider of industrial staffing and productivity
solutions, began franchising in 1994 and now has over 60 offices nationwide. Link
specializes in providing skilled crafts, trades, technicians, light industrial and
general labor workers for industrial, commercial and retail clients.

"In our fourteen years of franchising, Ron is one of the fastest starters I have
seen," said Ike Steele, President of Link Staffing Services.

According to Ulla, two factors have largely contributed to the fast startup of the
Raleigh office. The first is the passion and dedication of Ulla and his staff. A
native of Argentina, Ulla is not afraid of hard work and has been willing to put in
extra hours in order to make sure that he exceeds his client's expectations. Ulla
and his staff have often worked on Saturdays and Sundays screening candidates to
ensure that their client's orders were filled as quickly as possible.

"Working hard is definitely a factor when getting into your own business," stated
Ulla. "Anybody who is getting into their own business needs to be prepared to work
hard. You put in the hard work in the beginning so that you can relax more later

All of the hard work put in to screen applicants and fill job orders has meant new
jobs for many of Raleigh's unemployed. With unemployment on the rise, Ulla's office
has been doing its part to help turn this around and has placed dozens of people on
job assignments.

The second factor that has contributed to the success of the Raleigh office is
Ulla's decision to have a salesperson driving his business from the beginning. Ulla
has always believed it is important to have a dedicated salesperson who is committed
one hundred percent to growing the business. Loren Hamlin was brought on to focus on
sales and as a result they were able to canvas the area and get in front of the
right people.

"A lot of offices think that they can do everything themselves and try to do their
own sales," said Ulla, "I was adamant that I needed one person who would just focus
on sales. We got going right away and were aggressive about getting in doors and as
a result managed to be at the right places at the right times."

Ulla admits that luck has played a part in the quick startup of the Link Office in
Raleigh. But they also had good support from the Link organization and Ulla feels
that for him, Link was a good fit as a franchisor. One of the reasons Ulla chose
Link for his franchise endeavor was that the company's values closely mirrored his
own. He was looking for a higher end staffing provider and Link fit the bill.

"Link has a very high level of integrity," stated Ulla. "They are committed to doing
things the right way even if it means that it is a little tougher."

Coming from Detroit, Ulla was skeptical about entering the Raleigh Market at first
as he knew that he would be competing against many established staffing firms.
However, he also realized that there was tremendous potential in the area as there
were a lot of companies that used staffing services. Getting to know the needs of
his clients and researching the area was a top priority for Ulla and his staff.

Though Ulla did not have any previous staffing experience, he was guided to Link's
franchise opportunities through The Entrepreneur Source, who recognized that Ulla's
industrial background and work ethic would make a good match with Link. The most
important factor for Ulla in choosing a franchise was the potential for financial
return, and in his eyes, Link offered the best opportunity for this.

"I think that it helps to have a background in staffing, but I was not afraid of
that," stated Ulla. "Link has a very comprehensive training program and I knew that
I would be able to learn about how the staffing industry works. I was looking for an
industry to get into and in the end it came down to where I thought I could make the
most money."

Ulla sees a lot of potential for growth in the Raleigh area and is excited about the
future. He eventually would like to open at least two more offices in the area and
if things continue to go well, he is hoping to have his next office open by early
next year.

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