News Aristocrat John McCain is laughing at Real Life Joes the Plumbers as they will elect him in White House!

Released on: October 22, 2008, 10:06 am

Press Release Author: Stream Information Brokers

Industry: Government

Press Release Summary: Aristocrat John McCain hates Joes Plumbers,all middle
class,their Dreams to become Rich. He wants from them only to deliver him US
Presidency,success, fame,fortune and 700Billions,1trillion Taxpayer Money as Welfare
for Richest!

Press Release Body: Stream Information Brokers(Washington,DC September23,2008)World
Largest Independent Political and Elections Experts are very surprised with decision
of Barack Obama campaign managers and Democratic Party leaders Not to Run Serious
NEGATIVE election campaign against Aristocrat John McCain and His
Character,Integrity, Cheating and Stealing! 300 millions Ordinary Americans and
all Voters have to know the Truth. Aristocrat John McCain will call you My Friends
only when he needs Everything from You. But you cannot ask from him as Friends
anything in return!
To information of Democratic Party leaders - Your could not Expect to Win in
Elections Fight while wearing white Gloves!
Real Life Joes the Plumbers are WRONG to vote for Aristocrat John McCain. Republican
Party is party of Aristocrats like George W Bush and John McCain Never will make
good for Joes the Plumbers . Aristocrat John McCain wants middle class work
harder,serve as 21 century slaves,always be poor and create Wealth for Aristocrats
like George W Bush and John McCain.
Democratic Party leaders should start deliver the BLOWS to Party of Aristocrat John
McCain about his Character!
Aristocrat John McCain is running absolutely Dishonest Campaign! He has stolen
Barack Obama Election Motto on Changes in Washington.
Aristocrat John McCain himself in Debates on TV said,
that Everything in Washington is Broken. It is Aristocrat John McCain,who broken
everything working good in senate,US congress,US government for 26 years being the
US Senator.
Aristocrat John McCain has stolen from Democratic Party the idea about Woman as Vice
President of USA for campaign gains.
Aristocrat John McCain is spreading lies about Barack Obama Economic Policies as
Welfare for poor. At Same time Aristocrat John McCain is silently Spreading Wealth
with US Taxpayers Money to Republican Party Aristocrats,Bankrupt Investment Bankers,
Largest Mortgage Lending Corporations, Largest US Bankers,
Exxon,Chevron,Shell,Halliburton, other largest companies and corporations CEOs.
Now Aristocrat John McCain is campaigning under Signs Country First.It is Greatest
Lie! Aristocrat John McCain and Republican Party of Aristocrats never put USA first
and their own Legacy,Spotlight second!
All Records of Gerge W Bush current president 2000-2008 shown -never USA first,
always his spotlight first!
72 year old cancer survivor Aristocrat John McCain should be retired in 65 years old
as all other US government officials and employees. Somehow Retirement requirements
are not for senior citizen John McCain.
As a matter of fact it is Personal Dream and Ambition of Aristocrat John McCain from
1998 to
become US president. Reality shown at beginning of Republican Party own 2008
Primaries Election , that Aristocrat John McCain had scored as the Worst possible
and available Presidential Candidates! We will never know all backstage intrigues
inside Republican Party to make him the Presidential Nominee!
Great America want to have Young Healthy President at Time of Crisis!
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