News Two Republican Party Mavericks are looking to Make Friends with 300 Millions Americans and steal their Money

Released on: October 11, 2008, 1:40 pm

Press Release Author: Stream Information Brokers

Industry: Government

Press Release Summary: Two Republican Party Mavericks are looking to Make Friends
with 300 Millions Americans, get elected to White House and help steal another
1trillion Taxpayers Money by Exxon,Chevron,Halliburton.

Press Release Body: Stream Information Brokers(Washington,DC October10,2008)Two
Republican Party Mavericks
are forgotten to Tell or Remind American Voters the definition of word "Maverick".
In plain English Dictionary it describes persons behavior very different from
majority of Normal People.
People,Mavericks with their very different from majority of Normal People behavior
in Rural parts of USA are called the Village Idiots!
International Experts are surprised with behavior of Reigan Democrats, who
decided to vote for Two Republican Party Mavericks only because of skin
color the Democratic Party Presidential Nominee. Experts support the Major
Point to consider before November voting! As small business owner from
Florida in TV interview said -" Only Crazy Persons will want Two Republican
Party Mavericks in White House in current Economy and Financial Crisis"!
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