ObamaAuctions(dot)com Gives Backers New Way to Support Their Candidate

Released on: October 31, 2008, 2:40 am

Press Release Author: Keith Daniels

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: ObamaAuctions.com gives Obama supporters a place to turn
their stuff into cash so they can send it to the campaign, all with no fees to buy
or sell.

Press Release Body: Long Beach, CA, October 31, 2008 -- Now those who back Barack
Obama can turn that old cell phone, winter coat, designer handbag or countless other
items into cash for the campaign. * ObamaAuctions.com * is an eBay(r)-like site where
Obama supporters pledge part or all of the proceeds from the items they put up for
sale to the senator's fund.

"I was in Nevada helping the campaign when it struck me that the business I was
about to launch could be used to grow Sen. Obama's donor-base," said Keith Daniels,
a Long Beach, CA., entrepreneur. "We've come to rely on sites like eBay to buy and
sell things, but no one had merged that idea with their support of a candidate
before. Once I had the idea, I had to do it."

Daniels said most people have things of value around their home that they no longer
use or items that they received as gifts that they don't want to re-gift that would
be a great find for someone else. Many of them, especially those in high school or
college as well as those just getting started in their careers, might like to
support Obama financially but don't have the cash to spare.

* ObamaAuctions.com * gives them a place to turn their stuff into cash so they can
send it to the campaign," Daniels said. "Visitors to the site can find an item, read
a short post where the seller says why they support him and see how much of the sale
the seller promises to give to the campaign."

Like other auction sites, a user must create an account to use the site. Daniels
said he will waive any fees associated with the auction listings, for either the
seller or the buyer, as another way to show his support for the campaign.

"This isn't about making money," Daniels said. "It's about people being able to give
as much as they can to the campaign."

ObamaAuctions.com is powered by * MyEventPR.com *, the firm Daniels is about to
launch. * MyEventPR.com * will be a social commerce site where individuals,
businesses or organizations can set up their own auctions.

eBay(r) is a registered trademark of eBay Inc.
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Web Site: http://www.ObamaAuctions.com

Contact Details: Keith Daniels
Long Beach, CA
(866) 222-9159

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