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Released on: October 20, 2008, 10:19 pm

Press Release Author: James Chapman

Industry: Industrial

Press Release Summary: Bella Bathrooms Ltd is a very famous organization who deals
with selling bathroom fittings and accessories. They have with them a colossal
collection of showers which very unique and stylish.

Press Release Body: October-2008:Bella Bathrooms has a huge variety of showers which are of different
brand names. The famous and very fast moving products that they have are Mira
Showers, Triton Showers, Electric Showers ,
Mixer Showers and Power Showers. Instead of the old and traditional types, one can
see some of the very trendy and modish pieces here at Bella Bathrooms. These days
everybody prefers to have a touch of luxury in their bathrooms. For these people
with taste Bella Bathrooms is the right place.

Showers can be fitted in
anybody's home no mater what water system one has. Electric showers can be fitted in
90% of homes. Some of the famous Electric Showers are available in varied names like
Mira Azora, Mira Sport and Mira Sport Max. Mira Sport Max is one of the most
powerful electric showers available in the market today. In places where there is
low pressure, Power Showers can be used.

There are several brands and varieties of showers available at Bella bathrooms. All
of them are simply unique and fashionable. They add a sense of comfort and opulence
to the bathrooms. Depending on the tile color and paint color in one's bathroom, one
can checkout the different varieties available and choose the one which satisfies
their taste and requirement. All showers are broadly classified as Electric Showers,
Power Showers, Mixer Showers and Digital Showers. There are several types and styles
of showers available in each of these kinds. All of them are very trendy and modish.

Triton Showers is the UK's No.1 shower manufacturer providing the best quality,
innovation, product styling and performance. As said already Triton Showers are
available in all the four types of showers i.e. Electric, Mixer, Power and Digital.
Similarly Mira Showers
is also available in all these four types. One can view the wide range of these
showers in their site

Mixer Showers is a very special type which takes water from both hot and cold
supplies and blend the water to reach the desired temperature. The Mixer Shower is
very ideal for homes with a plentiful supply of hot water. Electric Showers only
take water from the mains cold water supply. Electric Showers are very ideal for
households where there is a limited supply of hot water. Power Showers take water
from both the hot and low pressure stored cold water supplies. They mix the hot and
cold to reach the desired temperature and then boost the flow of water from the
shower using an integral pump to provide a more forceful spray.

All of the showers are designed with perfection and engineering. They are very
trustable and promising and high potential showers. One can look out for some of the
best pieces of showers here at Bella Bathrooms. To shop for showers and purchase
them online, log on to

Bella Bathrooms
Unit M10 - M14 Yarm Road
Morton Park
County Durham
Tel 0845 224 00 79
Fax 0845 224 00 78

Web Site:

Contact Details: Bella Bathrooms
Unit M10 - M14 Yarm Road
Morton Park
County Durham
Tel 0845 224 00 79
Fax 0845 224 00 78

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