PRICE CUT and FREE FREIGHT on Metro Heated Cabinets and Proofers limited time only!

Released on: October 10, 2008, 1:38 am

Press Release Author: Eric & Vivian Smith

Industry: Food & Beverage

Press Release Summary: JES restaurant equipment caterer is a noted whole sale
dealer. It has remarkably helped the restaurant in smooth functioning.

Press Release Body: A good restaurant
caters always welcome a good product and JES also did the same.
Recently, it has called a press conference and revealed quality features of a new
launched product 'Metro Heated Cabinets and Proofers'. JES proudly announced its
additional bonus services like free freight and discounted price for every purchase
of cabinet.

Undoubtedly, user friendly cabinets are in great demand now. Users always look for
those cabinets which have qualities like field reversible doors, more door options,
easy to clean slides and so on. Metro has done a remarkable home work before
launching the product. Thus, we can experience today wide ranges of product
(Cabinet) in metro C5 series. JES also revealed the mystery behind the name C5.
Basically, it is concerned with five promises such as; (1) easy in control, (2)
optimum capacity, (3) smart configuration, (4) confidence in product quality, and
last but not the least (5) immense care of the customer/users.

After a brief notes upon five promises, the spokesperson did not forget to mention
gist of different products available in Metro C5 line series. He started with Metro
C5 9 series. According to spokesperson, the USP of product is its ergonomically
developed temperature and humidity controller. Users have immensely appreciated its
alarming features such as, low temperature alarm, low water alarm and so on. With
Metro C5 8 all you need to set desired cabinet temperature and the proprietary
intelligently does the rest of work. Similarly, Metro C5 6 has been designed for
rigors services. Its inbuilt 'always on' analog thermometer provides effective
control over the internal temperature.

Metro C5 Pizza series is exclusively made for pizza purpose. It provides delicious
taste like 'straight from oven'. Metro C5 is equipped with Armour cabinets that
prevent you from unpleasant heat effect. Metro C5 1 was introduced in the market
with 3 control modules. There is no doubt that an improved design, rich
configuration and extra options have made it popular.

In concluding words, JES again delivered a master stroke in form of exclusive press
conference for a special product which has not been manufactured by JES. However,
JES counts it a prominent part of its catering services along with quick & quality
based restaurant equipment catering services.

JES restaurant equipment caterer is a noted whole sale dealer. It has remarkably
helped the restaurant in smooth functioning. It challenges that it understands the
restaurants' needs in best way and hence time-by-time. It releases press releases to
spread awareness about quality products. Undoubtedly, it is a master step from

Web Site:

Contact Details: JES Restaurant Equipment
2108 Highway 72 W
Greenwood, SC 29649
TOLL FREE: 1 (866) 200-6056
PHONE: 1 (864) 223-8222

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