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Press Release Summary: Gourmè Mist ™ first of its kind Oil and Vinegar Misters
Deliver Just the Right Touch of Healthy Flavor Without Additives or Chemicals.
Gourmè Mist used for cooking or topping foods. This non-aerosol environmentally
freindly product was developed by two young women entreprenuers determined to make a

Press Release Body: Springs, FL – October 15th, 2008 According to a major report
from the US Department of Agriculture released this year, Americans’ consumption of
added fats and oils has increased 63 percent between 1970 and 2005 (Dietary
Assessment of Major Trends in US Food Consumption, 1970-2005). This dramatic
increase in fat intake puts us at increased risk of heart disease and obesity.
Luckily it’s just gotten much easier and more environmentally friendly to control
the amount of oil added to our foods. Introducing Gourmè Mist, a first of its kind,
non-aerosol spray that offers a fine, continuous mist to lightly coat sauté pans,
dress up salads, and flavor veggies, fish, meats and breads.
“While certain fats – think canola and olive oil - get the green light for promoting
better health, drenching foods in these oils can add up to way too many calories.
Picture a salad drowning in dressing or a piece of bread drenched in oil – every
tablespoon means an extra 100-140 calories,” says Shara Aaron, MS, RD, a
nutritionist specializing in weight control. “Over-consuming calories, no matter
which ones, leads to weight gain and counteracts any possible health benefits.”
What’s more, the USDA MyPyramid recommends only about 5-8 teaspoons of healthy oils
each day.

With an overwhelming need to control calorie intake while still eating nutrient-rich
diets, Gourmè Mist offers the perfect solution of portion control with the added
health benefits of all natural oils and vinegars. “These misters are a great
addition to healthy eating,” comments Shara Aaron. In fact, weight control centers
nationwide have already discovered the benefits of Gourmè Mist to help their clients
lose weight.
Gourmè Mist’s pure and imported oils and vinegars come in six varieties of
exceptional quality: organic extra virgin olive oil, Barrel Aged Balsamic Vinegar of
Modena, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena infused with pomegranate, and Balsamic Vinegar of
Modena infused with raspberry.
Gourmè Mist is Green
In addition to the health advantages, Gourmè Mist comes in an environmentally
friendly dispenser that contains no additives or chemical propellants. The package
can be recycled, making it better for you, your family and the planet. You can also
choose 100% USDA certified organic varieties.
Gourmè Mist™ can be found with other fine oils and vinegars at Jewel in the Chicago
area, and ACME markets in PA, NJ, DE, and MD. Soon to be available on grocery
shelves nationwide and currently available for order at SRP
$9.99 - $11.49
About Gourmè Foods Corporation
Gourmè Mist was founded by two women dedicated to providing healthier products that
are 100% pure with no chemicals or additives. We use only the highest quality, all
natural imported oils and vinegars. By adding portion-controlled flavor in a
revolutionary recyclable container, our misters are better for you, your family and
the environment. For more information or to order visit our website at

Web Site:

Contact Details: Gourmè Food Company
10880 Wiles Rd.
Coral Springs, FL 33076

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