Reusable Metal Containers 70 Percent Less than New According to Container Exchanger

Released on: October 26, 2008, 9:18 am

Press Release Author: Thomas R. Cutler

Industry: Small Business

Press Release Summary: Reusable Metal Containers 70% Less than New According to
Container Exchanger

Press Release Body: There are many benefits of metal bins including durability and
reusability; some are collapsible making return shipments more cost effective. Some
metal bins are very heavy-duty, so they can hold a lot of heavy product, like casted
or machined metal parts. This product can then be stacked and stored in a
relatively small space. Wire baskets are effective because they are affordable. A
light-duty wire basket is pretty cheap for the internal storage volume and they are
often used to hold cardboard for recycling or transporting and storing light stamped
parts or molded parts.

Dave Madden, President of Container Exchanger recently discussed the efficacy of
reusable metal containers, noting that, "Automotive molders, automotive components,
durable goods manufacturers, metal stamping, metal casting... really absolutely any
industrial company that must store or ship intermediate product all benefit from
reusable metal containers. In other words, you have sub-assemblies or large parts
that are transported to an "internal" customer (a different part of the plant)."
Madden provided several example such as the casted transmission housing gets put in
a metal bin and is taken to machining and assembly line, or sub-assemblies that are
transported to an external company en-masse.

Price savings of Used Reusable metal bins are significant; used metal bins are often
30% - 50% of the cost of new (70% off the new cost). The only expendable bulk
solution is a Gaylord box. These boxes sell for $20 each for a good box and one has
to buy a pallet. A wire basket might run $80 used. Gaylord boxes might last 4 uses
or so, whereas the wire basket would last 200+ (both estimates and depend on usage).
The payback comes after only 13 uses. And if the basket lasted only 200 uses,
there would be a savings of 1500% compared to using a Gaylord box.

Container Exchanger ( is dedicated to the sale and resale
of reusable packaging and containers. The firm resells folding bulk containers,
metal storage bins, plastic industrial totes, plastic pallets, and used gaylord
boxes nationwide. When a company is finished using a returnable packaging fleet,
Container Exchanger represents the seller and finds a buyer for the used bulk
packaging. Sellers enjoy a high sales price for a better return on investment.
Buyers save significantly in comparison to new packaging prices.

Container Exchanger
David Madden, President

Web Site:

Contact Details: Container Exchanger
1831 Woodland Hills Ave
Atlanta, GA 30318

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