SEO Treo and Clinton Cimring partner to form Search Engine Partner with SEO 2(point)0

Released on: October 23, 2008, 5:43 pm

Press Release Author: Search Engine Partner

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Search Engine Partner goes head to head with Google's
Universal search algorithm with their new SEO 2.0 approach for first page top ten
ranking in Google.

Press Release Body: West Palm Beach, FL (PRWEB) October 19, 2008 -- Search Engine
Partner announces the union of SEO Treo and the expertise of Clinton Cimring, former
Vice President of the Phorsite Group and creator of Getupdated Internet Marketing,
with the mission of manipulating and predicting Google's results, so their partners'
will show up within the top ten results on the first page of a search. To see how
they can rank your small business site within the top ten results on the first page
of Google visit:

Studies show that most searchers don't navigate past the first page of Google; they
would rather type in a different or more narrow, specific keyword rather than go
onto the second page to look for the right results. This is why SEO is so important;
it has the highest ROI out of any of the key industry mediums (KIMs).

SearchEnginePartner has implemented unique diagnostic and service delivery protocols
along with proprietary techniques that substantially lower the cost small business
owners pay for top ten ranking in Google, which traditionally has cost up to $20,000
through SeoInc or iProspect for an average sized website.

"In today's competitive markets, staying at the forefront of search engine results
is critical. A great looking Web 2.0 website may achieve small businesses' design
goals, but to achieve their marketing and sales projections they have to reach their
target audience. People can't appreciate and use your website without finding it.
It's like having a great island getaway with no way to get there." -Clinton, Partner

There are new technologies emerging from Google and their competitors to increase
the efficiency of their search engines like Google Universal search, which bases
results on a searcher's internet behavior, websites she may have looked at, what she
usually searches for and even her email headings. This is the first rollout of
practical artificial intelligence. Search Engine Partners stance has been one with
the foresight to use them to their advantage in their SEO 2.0 approach. brings 25-plus years of experience in predicting consumers'
behavior and experience with search engine algorithms. Search engine optimization
(SEO) offers small business owners and marketing directors tangible, traceable
results in an economy when ROI on marketing dollars is more crucial than ever.

"In SEO 2.0, SearchEnginePartner will strategically plan and build all the necessary
components of optimization to allow your small businesses website to reach top ten
first page placement in Google. Search Engine Partner will also redesign your
website with Web 2.0 protocols and build greater visibility on the web. Competition
in the SEO field is fierce, and SearchEnginePartner has taken a new stance in
servicing our local small business clients by providing a dynamic approach to search
engine optimization through SEO 2.0. The field is ever changing, and our Search
Engine Optimization 2.0 (SEO 2.0) approach embraces the challenge. Our SEO 2.0
mission is to enable your small business to conduct a more successful local SEO
approach based on the core competencies of your business. Search Engine Partner has
consulted numerous companies with SEO 2.0 and has helped many of its clients achieve
first page results for highly competitive keywords or phrases. The successes of many
small business campaigns are elevated by their ability to deliver their message."

"I was ecstatic when I saw our website for Fire & Ice Diamond in the top results for
Google's search page. helped achieve first page ranking in
Google. They increased my rank and drove visitors to my site. Seeing my website come
up in the first place for keywords like "guaranteed lowest priced diamonds" which
previously had larger companies in the spot was a dream come true. Thank you search
engine partner, you've become my silent partner!" - Marissa Smith, Fire & Ice

"There are a few things SearchEnginePartner is exceptionally good at and we would
rather focus on our core competencies rather than kid ourselves about being a jack
of all. And our main thrust is understanding how search engines think and how your
consumers think. In both respects it comes down to predicting behavior, whether
machine or human."
About Search Engine Partner's SEO 2.0:

Clinton Cimring has been in the SEO business since Webcrawler introduced the first
search engine in 1994 and SEO became a way of controlling its search results. He
coined the term, SEO 2.0 as a new generation of SEO. For more details on SEO 2.0
contact Clinton Cimring or visit Search Engine
Partner is a registered trademark of the Shangri-La Corporation and all content
appearing on the website is copyrighted through the Library of Congress.

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Clinton Cimring, Partner
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