Shenoa and Company Announces They Are Going International

Released on: October 13, 2008, 6:53 pm

Press Release Author: Blane Perun

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Shenoa & Company's analysis of the online jewelry industry,
competitors and other elements in their due diligence, has positioned them to go

Press Release Body: New York, NY / October 9, 2008 - Shenoa & Company is taking
another giant leap to becoming an industry leader in the sales of jewelry online. It
seems like only yesterday that this Manhattan jeweler made the decision to be one of
the first companies to take their diverse selection of diamonds, rings and pendants
to the World Wide Web. Many local competitors balked at the thought of being able to
sell jewelry online. The Shenoa & Company website was launched in the late 90s and
has undergone huge changes from its sparse beginning. If you know anything about the
history of Shenoa & Company, whether its their flagship brick and mortar store in
NYC, or their cutting edge website that serves at the pleasure of customers around
the world. You would never imagine that this "side project" that was the vision of
the founder and management team, would in 8-years, grow to be a leader and innovator
in the sale of jewelry online. In the beginning Shenoa & Company's website was
predicted to have only a minor impact if any, in their sales and day-to-day
business. "We new that we were onto something, it was vital in the beginning
especially to be strategic in how we move forward and develop our brand online"
admits Scott Cowan, COO of Shenoa and Company.

It seems that the Risk Reward principle is evident in this case since, the team at
Shenoa & Company put their money, manpower, and quality products on the line, or
should I say "online" to reap the rewards of loyal customers around the world.
"Average is just that" states Blane Perun, VP of Online Marketing for Shenoa
Diamonds. Meaning there is zero tolerance for doing the minimum and just enough will
not suffice.

Like the diamonds they sell, the management team at Shenoa & Company is continually
mining the efforts, while empowering and challenging their staff to better
themselves and those around them. The team at Shenoa & Company is now enjoying the
fruits of their labor as they take this vision, culture and work ethic

About Shenoa: Founded in 1980, Shenoa and Company is one of the fastest growing
online retailers of certified diamonds and jewelry. With photos, drop down menus
and special features, the Shenoa Web site makes it easy and affordable to shop for

Contact: Blane Perun, Shenoa and Co.
Phone: (866) 743-9268
Web site:

Web Site:

Contact Details: Contact: Blane Perun, Shenoa and Co.
Phone: (866) 743-9268
Web site:

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