Study Says Green-Tech Is the Future of IT; InformationTechnologyCrossing Adds More and More Green-Tech Jobs to Promote Green Technology

Released on: October 10, 2008, 5:53 am

Press Release Author: Mary Waldron

Industry: Industrial

Press Release Summary: InformationTechnologyCrossing
(, an IT job board dedicated to serving IT
professionals, now lists more than 113,000 jobs due to its consistent efforts in
recent weeks. In fact, the IT job board is updating its website with the latest IT
jobs daily. The site aspires to support the slumping job market by adding more and
more IT job openings and is continuing its efforts to add every available IT job
(even the ''hidden'' ones) to its roster.

Press Release Body: Nowadays, green jobs are increasingly being seen as the next
''in'' thing in the corporate world, as every industry out there struggles to sort
out a solution to the escalating recession and green-tech jobs seem to be the most
likely answer, according to various studies. Even most of the jobs posted on
InformationTechnologyCrossing originate from technology companies that believe in
and practice ''go green'' tactics as part of their corporate activities.

''InformationTechnologyCrossing is trying to introduce green jobs in the technology
sector to promote clean technology jobs in the long run and simultaneously promote
more and more green-tech jobs,'' says A. Harrison Barnes, founder and CEO of

A new study titled ''Carbon-Free Prosperity 2025'' has concluded that five emerging
clean-tech industry sectors, including solar components manufacturing, offer the
Pacific Northwest one of its best opportunities for sustained economic vitality and
job growth. The study, which was produced by the research and publishing firm Clean
Edge and the research and advocacy organization Climate Solutions, provides a
comprehensive look at emerging green industries for the Pacific Northwest region.
The study notes that the key green-tech sectors could contribute 41,000 to 63,000
tech jobs in Oregon and Washington by 2025.

Many companies have emerged from relative obscurity to become significant players in
the corporate world with the introduction of green-tech jobs. For example, Solyndra,
a Fremont, California-based green-tech company, and its newest innovation are about
to create hundreds more local jobs. With the help of cylindrical-shaped solar panels
which are touted as more efficient than flat solar panels, the company is aiming to
help fight global warming. It already employs more than 500 people and aspires to
hire hundreds more for a second factory. Furthermore, the most famous technology hub
in America, Silicon Valley and the San Jose area, is also striving to promote clean
green technologies. It is estimated that there are more than 3,000 clean-tech,
energy-efficient jobs at present in the area, a vast improvement over the number of
such jobs in 2007.

Barnes adds, ''It's vital for every company to promote green and clean technology to
save the economy, and it's also important for job seekers to know where they can
apply for such jobs. All they can find on most job boards are the most competitive
or redundant job postings, but InformationTechnologyCrossing is different in its
approach and structure. The tech job site provides instant access to a comprehensive
pool of environmentally friendly job listings based on your particular area of
interest. Unlike other job-search and career sites, InformationTechnologyCrossing
weeds out spam and jobs outside your niche, allowing you to search efficiently and
specifically. Trust the only job source that's tailored to your industry.''

InformationTechnologyCrossing aims to update its website with all of the most recent
and active IT jobs. The website plans to add more IT jobs this month in its
continuing effort to offer the highest number of active IT jobs possible to
thousands of job seekers.

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