Released on: October 9, 2008, 12:19 pm

Press Release Author: Ron Cornwell Enterprises, Inc.

Industry: Small Business

Press Release Summary: Starting a business can be a nerve-wracking process even in
the best of times. But what about during a recession?

Press Release Body: (Medway, MA)-Starting a business can be a nerve-wracking process
even in the best of times. But what about during a recession?

"People see job losses, recession or a housing bust and think, This isn't the right
time to start a business," says business coach and new author Ron Cornwell. "But
it's fear of failure that keeps most people from striking out on their own, not
timing. For them, it's never the right time. For me, any time is the right time."

Mr. Cornwell addresses that very issue in his new book, It's Never the Right Time.
An entrepreneur himself, Mr. Cornwell likes nothing better than to expose the
emotional barriers that keep most people from opening their own businesses.

Eschewing gimmicky slogans and get-rich-quick schemes, It's Never the Right Time
paints the path to business ownership in no-nonsense terms and dispels the myth that
there will ever be a "right time" to start.

"Most people dream of owning a business, but few people know what that entails,"
says Mr. Cornwell. "My job is to help my clients move from dreaming about a business
to actually owning one. And for starters, I want to help them to stop lying to
themselves about why they haven't done anything about their dreams."

According to Mr. Cornwell, many people are misinformed about what it takes to run a
business. Too many people avoid entrepreneurship's realities, preferring to keep the
idea of self-employment as an unfulfilled fantasy.

He adds, "It's Never the Right Time is a tough-love guide for anyone who has said at
one time or another, 'I wish I were my own boss. I wish I called the shots and
didn't have to put up with working for someone else's dreams,'"

Mr. Cornwell's lessons from the tough world of business are a breath of fresh air in
a marketplace full of vague and unrealistic books that promise quick fortune and
security. In this unique step-by-step guide, readers will:
# Learn why acting now is crucial for anyone "thinking" to start a business
# Discover common fears and concerns most entrepreneurs face-and how to
overcome them
# Answer the five tough questions that prospective business owners need to
ask themselves-if they want to succeed
# Uncover the all-important (and overlooked) correlation between research and
success in the marketplace
# Find the hidden pitfalls of the business world that mean the difference
between success and failure

"People are capable of a lot more than they think," says Mr. Cornwell, "but few will
ever summon the courage to chase after their goals and dreams-especially with the
specter of failure looming."

Ron Cornwell has forty years of experience in the corporate world as both an
executive and an entrepreneur. He now acts as a mentor and business coach for
entrepreneurs, from those just starting out to Fortune 500 CEOs and executives.

(It's Never the Right Time by Ron Cornwell; ISBN-10: 0981859208, ISBN-13:
978-0981859200; $22.50; 160 pages; 5" x 8"; softcover; Ron Cornwell Enterprises,

Web Site: http://

Contact Details: Ron Cornwell Enterprises, Inc.
13 Deerfield Road, Medway, MA 02053
Contact: Ron Cornwell Phone: 508-533-8211

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