Terry Gilmore recommends a book called Think And Grow Rich to help you with mindset

Released on: October 11, 2008, 11:36 am

Press Release Author: Cam Sollis

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Getting rich is a very small part of what you can achieve by
setting you mind success.

Press Release Body: Big Thanks to Terry Gilmore for recommending this book, it has
helped me a great deal and has put me on the path to a very successful life.

I found Terry Gilmore one day while on line looking for a home based business; I ran
across his http://www.DoorStepRiches.com and decided to check it out. I was very
interested but at the same time had my SCAM radar on because I've been burned so
many times. After doing my research on both Terry and the opportunity I decided to
give him a called to make sure he was a real person.

As soon as Terry Gilmore picked up the phone I started grilling him, asking question
after question and pretty much taking all my anger and frustration out on him for my
past results.

After going on for about 20 minutes Terry stopped me and stated "The reason you have
never had any success is because of the way you think, you need to stop blaming
others and take a good look at yourself". At first I was offended, but still
listened because it all made sense.

Mr. Gilmore then told me that I could still have success in any of the other
ventures I started if I change my mindset. He recommended the book Think And Grow
Rich by Napoleon Hill and I have to say this book has not only made me a better
business person but has also taught me to help others go on to be successful in
whatever it is they want to do.

Since then Terry Gilmore has become a great friend and mentor plus has provided many
tools that have helped my continued success.

Lets Take It To The Top...

Web Site: http://www.DoorStepRiches.com

Contact Details: 9130 nolan st, Elk Grove CA 95758

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