The Fortunate 2,500 of the Fortune 500

Released on: October 11, 2008, 1:42 am

Press Release Author: Jerry Goldberg, CPA

Industry: Accounting

Press Release Summary: Goldberg reports on Senior C-level management compensation.

Press Release Body: Plainview, NY, October 13, 2008 -- With exorbitant compensation
always on the minds of shareholders, Jerry Goldberg, CPA has prepared his 4th annual
list of the top 2,500 executive positions of the Fortune 500.

"With greater amounts going to the executives, there is less to go to shareholders
and other employees," stated Goldberg.

Aside from confirming the average CEO's compensation in 2007 was $12.2 million, a
decrease of 11.6 percent from 2006, Goldberg details the additional executive
compensation received by other senior executives on the management team. "All public
companies have at least four other executives who report to the CEO: many of these
executives are also handsomely paid," said Goldberg. "I have prepared a list of the
top 2,500 top executive positions of the Fortune 500 companies, and what they are
paid. I call the list "The Fortunate 2,500 of The Fortune 500." The total
compensation paid to the "Fortunate 2,500" in 2007 was $13.8 billion or an average
of $5.8 million per executive."

Why is this important?
For shareholders
As more profits accrue to the top executives, there is less left over for the
shareholders in the form of dividends, or earnings per share.

For employees
The inflation-adjusted pay of the average worker in the United States has stagnated
over the past two decades. Twenty years ago, the ratio of CEO pay to the average
worker pay was approximately 10:1. The ratio in 2007 was a whopping 254:1. This is
clearly out of line.

For society
Money is "Power." Not only does it buy goods and services but also political
influence. Too much wealth has accrued to too few people, an unhealthy society where
one class of workers can become an aristocracy at the expense of everyone else.

What can be done?
Goldberg provides commentary that includes a Hall of Fame for the top ten highest
paid CEO's, and the top ten companies with the highest paid executives. See why all
this is important to the public and what can be done to get things back into a
reasonable balance.
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