Virtual Assistant Association Hosts Complimentary Teleseminar on November 20 to Show Service Professionals How NOT to Undersell Themselves in a Down Economy

Released on: October 28, 2008, 11:10 am

Press Release Author: Danielle Keister

Industry: Small Business

Press Release Summary: Women's Earning Institute director Mikelann Valterra
addresses self-employed service professionals struggling to earn their worth in this

Press Release Body: Many small business people worry they won't make enough money,
but find themselves giving away free time and discounting their services in other
ways. On November 20, Mikelann Valterra, director of the Women's Earning Institute
will address self-employed service professionals struggling to earn their worth in
this economy in a complimentary teleseminar hosted by the Virtual Assistance Chamber
of Commerce.

Women who "underearn" deal with complex emotional issues around making money. In
this power teleclass, Valterra will explore the psychology of why even successful
business women undersell themselves and what to do about it. Attendees will get to
look at the emotional and financial cost of discounting themselves and their
services, as well as the message that is conveyed when they suppress their fees.
Discussion will surround the topic of how service professionals can protect their
time as well as what people really want to buy. She will also explore the hard
notion that not everyone should be able to afford a service professional's fees and
how this translates when the economy is down.

A few of the issues that will be covered include:

How and why women under-price themselves;
How getting in touch with "resentment" can make them more money;
How to avoid discounting;
How to protect time;
How to charge their full fee and feel great about it!

WHAT: "How NOT to Undersell Yourself in a Down Economy"

SPEAKER: Mikelann Valterra, Women's Earning Institute

DATE: Thursday, November 20, 2008

TIME: 5p PST / 6p MST / 7p CST / 8p EST

DURATION: 60 minutes



Web Site:

Contact Details: PO Box 7101
Tacoma WA 98417

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