War of Image and Service Providers

Released on: October 4, 2008, 1:51 am

Press Release Author: SBL

Industry: Small Business

Press Release Summary: An image worth thousand words...

Press Release Body: The scope of image clipping is vast and diverse.
In the present scenario, you are in tight competition with any other firm on similar
lines with an advertising war going on. Supposing you are trying to market a
product, let the medium be anything. What if the photographs of the products don’t
match those with your competitor?
This will shatter your ambition to be on the top of the ladder in the market. This
is the right time to think about outsourcing your images.
Outsourcing Image Editing also termed Image Process Outsourcing is going boom these

Trends in Graphics & Image Editing

Image Enhancement - Improving the visual appearance of images through enhancement
operations. Proficient image enhancement artists have the expertise in adding
boarders, cropping images, histogram equalization, look up table modification,
convolution filtering, median filtering, frequency domain processing and pixel point
processing. They use a unique process to improve the quality of an image by
enhancing and making the image lighter or darker by increasing or decreasing its
contrast and color.

Clipping Path Service- The term image clipping means isolating an object from the
basic layer of a photograph. Image editors help out individuals and companies
needing to use lots of images. They are skilled and very quick in detaching images
perfectly and accurately from any photo or painting. Advertisers and photo studio
personnel who are burdened with images to be clipped can only identify and explain
your unique clipping needs and get back quality clipped images which in turn saves
you time and money.

Photo Retouching and Restoration - Image studios and Image editing providers are
well versed in enhancing brightness, color and details and removing any scratch,
stain, yellowishness or partial damage from photos with Photo restoration or photo
retouching techniques. The professionalism in deblurring the blurred images is an
identical photo restoration service of image editors.

Photoshop Image Masking - Difficult subjects like hair, fine ferns, lace or delicate
jewelry edges can be extracted using a technique called masking. You want to design
an album and find some unclearly defined edges of ferns on the bridal bouquet; you
are a dress designer and want to extract a difficult lacy dress pattern from a
pattern book; you are an advertiser and want to include the image of a film star
with beautiful hair for an advertisement, image masking services do just that for

Photo colorization - Advertisers, photographers and e commerce people, would you
like to have your photographs to have a professional look? Color plays a very
important role in the appearance of any image. Colorization of images can be used
to merge colors and match background to add clarity, beauty and attraction to

Image manipulation - Change color, retouch image, remove the unwanted parts of the
image ,add or remove images and backgrounds, replace any parts of the figure, change
color of the eyes, hair or skin, turn an ugly figure into a beautiful model or vise
versa and much more is possible with image manipulation Services.

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