Your Sales LEADS Inc Releases a New Telesales Guide

Released on: October 18, 2008, 2:34 am

Press Release Author: Robin Bohbot

Industry: Telecommunications

Press Release Summary: Published for the first time, and now available for use by
salespeople who want to achieve successful telesales skills to handle prospect's
objections over the phone.

Press Release Body: Dallas, Texas, October 18, 2008 - Responses to Objections, Cold
Calling, and Prospecting is available from Your Sales Leads, Inc. Please visit their
website: for more information about this product and their
additional services which include sales leads generation and telemarketing services.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if every prospect were sitting by their phone waiting for
your call? If that were the case, everyone would have the telemarketing skills to
be an inside salesperson.
In today's economy, 84% of companies are focusing on acquiring new business - they
are calling on the same prospects that you are. The bottom line is if your
telemarketing efforts can't get you in the door to see your prospect, chances are
that you're not going to make a sale. The goal of good telesales is to set a
meeting and get in front of that prospect - that will be your opportunity to
establish a business partnership and generate revenue for your company.
This guide contains responses to common objections that you will hear over the
phone. Your goal is not to answer every question that the prospect has in your
initial conversation. Your ultimate goal is to set a meeting - you need to get in
front of your prospect so that you can present the benefits that your product or
service offers. The old adage remains true even today - "people buy from people".
Learning good telemarketing skills can help you to be successful at increasing your
sales and ultimately building your business through successful telesales.
These are simply tools in your toolbox; however, like any tools, they are only
helpful when they are utilized. Learn them, use them, and live them. Allow
yourself to be successful.

About Your Sales Leads, Inc.

LEADS works on a national basis and specializes in creating unique inside sales
programs custom tailored to their clients' needs and target markets. Robin Bohbot,
President and Owner of Your Sales Leads, Inc., is an inside sales expert with over
25,000 hours of cold calling and training inside salespeople in the area of
telesales. This experience allows us to identify what works and what doesn't. These
are telesales strategies that produce results. You can learn how to respond
effectively to any objection you hear on the phone! LEADS has established long term
relationships with their clients based on a foundation of quality of service and a
high return on investment. Results are the measurement of LEADS success.

Web Site: http://

Contact Details: Contact Details:

Robin Bohbot - President
Your Sales Leads, Inc
17817 Davenport Road, Suite 245
Dallas, TX 75252
Telephone: 972-250-3570

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