Reviewing AAA Auto Insurance Services


Released on: August 11, 2009, 2:32 pm
Industry: Financial

A name that is trusted among most drivers is AAA Auto Insurance. And as one of the oldest American insurers, AAA also provides road side assistance in addition to offering auto insurance. For many drivers, AAA may be able to provide more affordable and quality services—a valuable commodity these days.

A newly published article on, “AAA Auto Insurance: Not Just Great Coverage,” encourages drivers and motorists to evaluate the advantages of working with AAA, an all-service auto insurance provider.

Recent reports show more and more drivers are dropping their expensive auto insurance, suspending regular vehicle checks and tune-ups, and avoiding costly roadside assistance, in an effort to save money and make ends meet. But instead of paying several garages high bills, it may be more affordable to invest in one all-service company like AAA Auto Insurance.

Doing business with AAA Auto Insurance will provide drivers with the ability to properly insure their vehicles as well as receive multiple roadside services.

“[AAA Roadside Assistance] was implemented by AAA auto insurance in 1915 as a response to car breakdowns plaguing drivers all over the country. Nearly 100 years later, car breakdowns are still common and AAA boasts more than 30 million members to their program,” the article states.

Roadside assistance from AAA auto insurance includes:

• Battery service
• Tire service
• First aid for your car (minor adjustments, parts or supplies)
• Towing service
• Lock out service (in case you lock your keys in your car)
• Fuel delivery

In addition to insurance and roadside assistance, there are plenty of other services offered by AAA auto insurance. To learn more about AAA, contact your local branch and speak with a AAA auto insurance agent.

Staff Contribution: Meha Ahmad

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