Veteran Businessman Embraces New Mobile Technology and Offers Careers to Others


Released on: August 7, 2009 5:26 am
Author: Mobile Communication
Industry: Small Business

New Mobile Technology Creates Job Opportunities in a Tough Job Market

Unemployment has reached levels not seen in years and has created an environment of dismay for the victims of a downed economy. Mr. Kelly Albert says he is seeing a phenomenal shift to Home Based Business models. At the same time, there is an ever changing metamorphosis in technology. Mobile technology is on a fast track from voice transfer to data transfer. The home based business Mr. Albert has embraced answers the call for advanced mobile capabilities and job opportunities for entrepreneurial minded individuals looking for an opportunity to create a successful Home Based Business. "This mobile opportunity could very well change the lives of many people," said Kelly Albert.

Mr. Albert has operated a successful brokerage business for 23 years with clients ranging from sole proprietors to global corporations. Many of these clients have experienced a massive down turn in profitability and in turn have terminated scores of employees. "People are looking for a better way to provide for their families," said Mr. Albert. The days of feeling secure in a life long career have come to an end. With plant closures, buyouts, and jobs shipped over seas, the average employee never knows from day to day how they will manage to maintain their current lifestyle. Thus, the shift to Home Based Businesses that allow the individual to answer only to themselves and benefit from their efforts in a way they have never experienced in the typical employer/employee based system. The new advanced telecommunications business that Mr. Albert can offer to individuals is a business that could be the answer for those seeking a way to create their own business legacy.

"Success in business is determined by offering a great product and service to a community of consumers that see your product as useful, relevant, and affordable," said Mr. Albert. "Being at the right place at the right time does not hurt either," he added. The mobile transition from voice communications to data transfer has opened up a whole new world of opportunity to those who can offer advanced mobile services. Presently most mobile customers are limited by their respective mobile vendors. Limited text, limited minutes, limited downloads. "What if you offered a service with unlimited capabilities for an affordable price?" Mr. Albert believes there is a market for this unlimited service and has shared his views with many other like minded individuals looking for a new career path. More information can be found at or at

Some highlights of the new mobile technology include:

* Unlimited Voice / Data Transfer / Texting / Internet (24/7)
* Unlimited Calling to the US and Canada for Domestic Plan, $79.95 a month with US origination.
* Unlimited Calling to US/Canada and 40 other countries with the International Plan, $89.95 a month with US Origination.
* Cutting-edge Technology
* Pre-pay for Service Month by Month
* No Contracts
* No Added Fees
* No Credit Checks
* No Need for Rollover

Mr. Albert is currently building a team of positive career minded individuals that are anxious to expand their careers and create an environment that is both personally satisfying and rewarding. "In my many years of running a business, I have learned that it is a team effort. I always try to surround myself with positive individuals that know how to set goals and achieve them. This business is no different," he added.

Mr. Albert can be reached at his Tennessee Office @ 615-804-4040 or via email:

Contact Details: Cornerstone Mobile Marketing
PO Box 730
Goodlettsville, TN 37070

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