Accidental Death Life Insurance Right Investment for Unpredictable Future


Released on: September 11, 2009, 8:20 am
Industry: Financial

Death is one of the most unpredictable aspects of life so it should be no surprise that the insurance industry have formulated a special kind of life insurance known as accidental death life insurance. According to an article recently published on, accidental death life insurance provides coverage in the event of a sudden accidental death.

The article, titled ‘Accidental Death Life Insurance: Stare Death in the Eyes’ states, “Illnesses, accidents and sudden deaths occur everyday, leaving families with only memories. On top of the mourning, they also have to deal with high death expenses. Accidental death life insurance, however, can take care of that.”

Your typical accidental death life insurance policy should cover accidental/sudden death, illness, and loss of bodily functions such as hearing and sight.

But just like with any other insurance policy, there are exceptions that are not covered: Death as a result of war, suicide, self-inflicted injuries, death resulting from committing a crime, death or injury as a result of playing a professional sport, and overdosing on drugs.

Because the death is accidental and sudden, an accidental death life insurance policy generally pays out two to three times the amount then if you died of natural causes. The policy acts like any other life insurance policy where your beneficiaries or dependents receive the necessary funding for your debts as well as tuition for your children, mortgage payments, etc.

Visit to compare life insurance rates based on your lifestyle and speak with a life insurance agent about what this specific type of life insurance has to offer you and your loved ones.

Staff contribution: Kyle Fitzsimmons

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