The Artwork Of Jim Shore Is Now Available On Two New Check Designs From LifeChecks®


Released on: September 17, 2009, 7:49 am
Author: Stephanie Demetriou/LifeChecks
Industry: Marketing

With religious and spiritual personal checks being its forte, LifeChecks® is always expanding its selection of check designs to offer uplifting and beautiful checks with matching bank accessories. The new Jim Shore check designs, “Irish Angel” and “One Nation Under God,” offer two ways to intertwine religion, patriotism, and works from renowned artist Jim Shore on personal check product suites.

LifeChecks® is thrilled to be offering the work of this talented and award-winning artist on its personal banking products. The unmistakable style of Jim Shore draws its inspiration from the traditional themes and motifs of American and European folk art, creating authentic new interpretations of our shared cultural heritage. Mr. Shore is known worldwide for his figural art that resembles hand-carved wood, his folk art paintings, and home decor accessories. LifeChecks® is proud to be offering his artwork in the form of personal checks and matching bank products for his collectors to enjoy.

In August, 2009, LifeChecks® released its new “One Nation Under God” and “Irish Angel” check designs through its website, The “One Nation Under God” check product suite features four rotating scenes on the personal checks as well as the labels. These scenes include red, white, and blue color schemes that portray a small village, Uncle Sam, an American flag, and a sail boat. The checkbook cover and debit wallet depict the small village scene with hot air balloons and the words “God Bless America” underneath it against a bright blue background. The personal contact cards feature the American flag scene with the words “In God We Trust.” The “Irish Angel” design portrays only one scene on all products. This beautifully detailed angel is dressed in all green in front of an Irish village. The background is green with shamrocks and the words, “May the road rise up to meet you” are written at her feet.

With so many outstanding designs that feature enlightening words and artwork, LifeChecks® is able to appeal to the likes of many consumers. Because it offers religious and spiritual designs, LifeChecks® is able to set itself apart from other check printing companies. With designs like “One Nation Under God” and “Irish Angel,” a visit to the site is sure to bring you something you love and will want to share with everyone.

About LifeChecks:
Since its inception in 1999, LifeChecks® has prided itself on offering religious and spiritually based check designs. By combining beautiful artwork with uplifting messages and Bible verses, LifeChecks® is able to help many people spread their beliefs in a subtle and meaningful way. To view all the amazing designs, visit the site and find something that you love!

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