Waveform Technology Lowers Michigan Metro Ethernet Pricing


Released on: September 10, 2009, 6:45 am
Author: Waveform Technology
Industry: Telecommunications

Troy, Michigan—Metro Ethernet is now an affordable Internet option for Southeast Michigan companies, thanks to price reductions by Internet service provider Waveform Technology. In many areas Metro Ethernet Internet service is reaching record low prices, starting around $1300 a month.

Waveform representative Noel Montales attributes the price reductions to the continued development of Michigan’s fiber optic capacity. “The availability of Metro Ethernet has just exploded recently. It’s much less expensive for us to provision these circuits and I hope we can help the Michigan economy by making these high level services more affordable for customers.”

Waveform’s price reductions come in the 5 Mbps to 100 Mbps range, making high bandwidth options cost-effective for smaller companies. The Ethernet protocol makes these circuits flexible and inexpensive, while maintaining the same high quality standard as more costly Internet connections.

Business bandwidth needs are always expanding and changing, but many companies have outgrown their old Internet connections. A few years ago most offices only needed their Internet connection to exchange email and download some websites, but now many
companies are expanding the way they do business by adding streaming media, video conferencing, disaster recovery and other high-bandwidth applications.

“Most commodity Internet connections can’t support a modern business’ bandwidth needs,” Mr. Montales explains. “New office applications not only need more bandwidth, but they thrive with a symmetrical connection—where the upload is as fast as the download. Metro Ethernet has the performance needed for both current and future applications.”

Waveform Technology provides Metro Ethernet over a fiber optic connection. Service is available throughout Metro Detroit and the surrounding communities. Interested companies should email metro@waveform.net, or call 248-784-7000, for a quote.

About Waveform Technology
Waveform Technology is a privately held facility-based Internet service provider, headquartered in Troy, Michigan. Waveform offers a wide range of data services in Southeast Michigan, and operates a 400 mile fiber network. Waveform’s Troy Data Center is a world-class facility that provides colocation for tenants of all sizes. More information is available at http://www.michigan-colocation.com or 248-784-7000.


Contact Details: 319 Executive Dr.
Troy, MI 48083


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