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Released on: October 30, 2009, 5:01 am
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Generally speaking, one doesn’t usually associate Halloween with homeowners insurance. One is a night of fun-filled night of adventure, sweets, and costumes while the other is, well, there. But when it comes to saving the headache and expense that goes into filing a homeowners insurance claim, even the most festive Halloween appreciator will perk up and listen. According to an article recently published on InsuranceAgents.com, homeowners planning a Halloween party should take a few simple precautions so they don’t find themselves in a claim situation.

Halloween is one of the few occasions where homeowners across the country actually invite total strangers onto their property. With all the elements involved, anything can go wrong and it is for that reason why a quality homeowners insurance policy is important. “If you are planning a relatively large party then you might want to consider additional homeowners insurance coverage,” states the article titled, ‘Halloween Parties Gone Bad: Homeowners Insurance Affected.’ “You should consult your home insurance agent about your options regarding additional coverage for an event such as a Halloween bash.”

The first step in keeping a Halloween party safe is keeping the pets away. Even the most gentle of animals can go off on an unsuspecting guest without notice. This could, unfortunately, lead to a costly homeowners liability insurance claim. So don’t take the chance and just lock Fido in the basement for the night.

Home fires are another unfortunate occurrences at some Halloween festivities. With Jack-O-Lanterns and candles in bags lighting walkways, any number of circumstances could take place which could result in an untimely and unfortunate house fire. So be cautious and don’t be a part of the staggering statistics relating holidays and house fires.

Halloween is supposed to be a worry-free night of fun and adventure. So keep it that way with the aforementioned simple precautions. Visit InsuranceAgents.com today to learn more about saving on all types of insurance.

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