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Released on: October 15, 2009, 10:45 am
Author: Narconon Vista Bay
Industry: Chemicals

Narconon has been helping addicts get and stay sober for over 40 years. This approach to treatment involves staying in a residential facility so that the client can focus their attention on getting well. Unlike treatment centers that offer a 30-day program, Narconon realizes that achieving a permanent solution to addiction and reducing the risk
of relapse takes time.

Clients who seek help for their addiction at Narconon Vistabay get an individualized program that addresses their needs. Most people who seek treatment at a Narconon facility stay for somewhere between three and six months. They are given the time they need to work through the process they need to go through to understand their addiction and learn how to live without drugs or alcohol in their lives.

Part of the Narconon Vista bay program involves study, and clients brush up on their skills in this area shortly after they arrive at the facility. As clients increase their competency, they are more open to learning the skills involved in studying regularly. They are also more open to continuing to learn as they work through the program.

The Narconon program includes a component where clients learn how to view life in a different way. They develop the skills they need to make decisions for themselves based on logic instead of being clouded by their substance abuse. It takes practice for someone to learn how to engage others again, as opposed to hiding behind the addiction, and the Narconon program helps clients to do that.

Personal change in the way that a client chooses people to associate with is another portion of the Narconon program. They need to dissociate themselves from people who are involved in using drugs and alcohol. Narconon helps them to take responsibility for their past actions and deal with the guilt they feel for the choices they made in the past.

Lives that have been broken apart by drug and alcohol abuse can be rebuilt by going to a Narconon Vista bay treatment facility. Their clients take responsibility for their past actions and learn how to replace their negative thinking and actions with a more positive and productive approach to life. Clients tackle these changes in a step-by-step approach that allows them to make them gradually.

Learning to live without drugs and/or alcohol involves adopting a different mind set, as well as doing the actions necessary to leave addiction behind. Narconon offers hope and permanent change to its clients.

Narconon has been helping addicts since the 1960s. This approach to treatment was started by an inmate in the California penal system and now Narconon Vistabay offers residential treatment programs for people who are living with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Narconon Vista bay’s fee structure for services means that clients can take the time they need to work through the stages of treatment without worrying about incurring any additional costs.

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