Affiliates Drive into Inc. Magazine Top 500 Highest Growth Businesses


Released on: December 11, 2009, 11:12 am
Industry: Marketing

Internet network affiliates brought together by helped land the company a spot on the Inc. Magazine Top 500 list. The affiliates generate increased returns on investment for the marketing campaigns of clients, at a time when organizations are funneling more of their advertising and marketing budgets into Internet campaigns.

Sarasota, Florida December, 2009 –

Entrepreneurs around the globe aspire to make the Inc. 500, the list of the top 500 highest growth businesses. Clickbooth, an Internet marketing and advertising business, ranked No. 5 overall and No. 1 in their business sector. Over the last four years, Clickbooth has grown an astounding 12,000 percent – an impressive feat. The high level of success can be attributed to their ability to provide consistently high returns for advertisers and publishers, otherwise known as affiliates. Clickbooth’s high level of success marks the beginning of a new era for the future of marketing and advertising.

Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy that essentially shares revenue among the advertisers and affiliates, using the web as the vehicle. The innovative use and coordination of advertisers and affiliates has boosted Clickbooth’s great success. The network affiliates, which are used by Clickbooth in order to come up with campaigns for their advertisers, are among the best in the business. Many are among the Alexa – which measures a website’s popularity – Top 50. The advertisers are able to tap into the
affiliate’s network through Clickbooth in order to produce highly effective marketing campaigns.

Clickbooth has many exclusive affiliates worldwide, out of the more than 10,000 that they have available to the advertisers. Clickbooth covers an expansive demographic, servicing several niche markets. Clickbooth’s programs entail compensation that is based on performance of one or more combinations of clicks, sales and registrations. Clickbooth maintains a high-quality affiliate’s network by meticulously screening and monitoring the affiliates for performance and program integrity. Clickbooth attributes much of their success to their compliance team.

The Clickbooth compliance team tracks the uploading and downloading of information, among many other tasks, to ensure the veracity of information and the reliability of the affiliates. If any of the affiliates are discovered to be manipulating the system, then a swift, definitive and concluding severance is employed. As a result, the remaining network affiliates are therefore dependable and trustworthy, which not only provides additional customer value for Clickbooth’s advertisers, but has also served as the backbone for Clickbooth to become such a highly flourishing Internet marketing and advertising business.

Clickbooth is leading the charge for Internet marketing. It is changing the way organizations are thinking about and conducting marketing and advertising campaigns. Their program of mutual reward for advertisers and affiliates has generated a great amount of success. As a result, several organizations have been able to maximize their advertising budget by working with Clickbooth’s high-integrity affiliates. Furthermore, as a result of the increased returns on investment from the advertising and marketing campaigns, organizations are placing more of their advertising and marketing budget with Clickbooth and their network affiliates. Clickbooth is winning by helping to create win-win situations for advertisers and affiliates.

Clickbooth is continually refining their already innovative and successful line of products. They continue to monitor their current network affiliates and bring more affiliates into their network in order to provide the greatest possible coverage, integrity and value for their clients. For each and every advertising campaign, their goal is to exceed the expectations of the client. And they not only do it regularly, but they do it well.

Created in September of 2002, Clickbooth is an internet marketing business that has enjoyed outstanding growth. Clickbooth’s highly reliable and high quality affiliates network allows advertisers the ability to increase their advertising budget through the use of the Internet. The mutually rewarding Internet marketing program put forth by Clickbooth benefits both the network affiliates, as well as advertisers through meticulous screening process that produces a level of integrity.

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